Cuban National Chess Championship update

Edited by Abel Vázquez Doural
2020-01-31 13:54:57

Holguin, (RHC) - Fatal day lived the defending Champion Oleiny Linares in the Cuban Chess Championship, who had five wins and just one equality during her first date in the city of Holguin.

The Santiago de Cuba native fell with white pieces to the hands of host Lisandra Llaudy in 48 moves of an English opening, as reported from the Eradio Dominguez Academy by national methodologist Wilfredo Toledo.

 It was known that this was one of the complicated duels of the inaugural date due to the quality of both contestants and the result is not surprising, because although Oleiny owns the scepter of 2019 and now seeks a fourth reign, her rival is one of the favorites and she held the crown in 2012 and 2018.

Oleiny ventured to sacrifice a pawn in the middle game in search of attack in a position of opposite castling, but Llaudy found the best way to defend herself and then took advantage of material superiority, according to the description offered by Toledo.

The other winners of the date were Lisandra Ordaz, Yuleisy Hernández, Karen Gutiérrez and Yaniela Forgas, while the only draw was signed by Roxángel Obregón and Maritza Arribas in 141 plays of a Pirc defense.

Ordaz, best Elo among the 12 contestants, won in 43 sets of a Semi Eslava defense to Ineyming Hernández, Yuleisy beat Yerisbel Miranda in another ranked match, while Karen defeated the veteran Zirka Frómeta and Yaniela beat Legna García.

This Thursday the only dispute between the winners will be starred by Ordaz and Karen, and at the other tables will be boards by Yerisbel-Llaudy, Legna-Oleiny, Maritza-Yaniela, Ineyming-Roxángel and Yuleisy-Zirka.

The winner of the contest will have a secure position on the team that will compete at the Moscow World Olympics in early August.


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