A gigantic mural of Messi in his hometown Rosario

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2021-12-14 10:03:01


Giant mural in tribute to Messi

Buenos Aires, December 14 (PL)-- A gigantic 69-meter-high mural with Lionel Messi's face was unveiled Monday in Rosario, the hometown of the great Argentine soccer player.

In a special year, where the captain of the Albiceleste national team lifted the Copa America and achieved with his team the qualification for Qatar 2022, from Monday, in a building in the Martin neighborhood, the effigy of La Pulga will be palpitating, thanks to the work of the muralists Marlene Zuriaga and Lisandro Urteaga.

According to local media, it is the largest mural in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe, in homage to Messi and it will be titled De otra galaxia y de mi ciudad (From another galaxy and from my city).

The mural is located very close to the popular VIP Bar, belonging to the Messi family, where many soccer lovers meet every day to talk about the so-called king of sports and to fully enjoy every game of the national team.

In declarations to the agency Télam, its creators pointed out that they carried out a previous project entitled De otra galaxia y de mi barrio, which painted the neighborhood La Bajada, where the soccer player was born, with a height of 12 meters.

Then another mural of Messi in Rosario was painted during the last Copa America, which the Argentine national team won in the final against Brazil in the Maracanazo, on a party wall of a building near School 66 General Las Heras, where Lionel did his primary schooling.

The mural immortalizes Messi with his albiceleste jersey and his number 10, with his hands touching his heart.


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