Venezuelan vice president meets with UN on joint projects

Edited by Ed Newman
2019-06-14 13:31:42


United Nations, June 14 (RHC)-- The Venezuelan government announced Thursday that it will expand its cooperation with the United Nations system and invited them to join the country’s Plan for the Care of Victims of Economic War in light of the illegal blockade imposed by the government of the United States.

After a meeting with U.N. delegates, Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez urged the multilateral organization to join forces on the plan, which aims to serve those most affected by the unilateral economic sanctions.  "We invite the United Nations to join and sign onto the Plan for the Care of Victims of Economic War and Blockade against Venezuela."

The vice president explained that the meeting concerned achievements that have been made, through international cooperation, on vaccinations and keeping measles and diphtheria under control.  In addition, she stressed that collaboration between the Venezuelan government and the U.N. system has benefited education, public services and nutrition.

"The comprehensive plan designed by President Nicolas Maduro (was) to meet, protect and guarantee the right to life, food, and the health for the most vulnerable people, victims of economic war," she said.

Rodriguez emphasized the fact that the financial blockade implemented by the U.S. government is damaging the country’s ability to satisfy the basic needs of its population, disrupting food supply and the distribution of medicine to the populace.  "They are illegitimate, arbitrary and illegal sanctions that imperialists have imposed on the country.  They are crimes against humanity because they violate the right to food, health, and education," she said.

The Venezuelan vice president asked United Nations agencies to correct figures in certain areas of the country in a scientific and professional manner, respecting their working relationship.

"We have asked for these figures to be corrected in a scientific, professional manner and to take into account the seriousness of our relationship and the mutual respect we have with the system," she said.



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