Evo Morales denounces attempt to stop indefinite unemployment in Bolivia

Edited by Ed Newman
2020-08-04 16:07:25

Protest actions are taking place across Bolivia.  (Photo: Opinion Bolivia)

Buenos Aires, August 4 (RHC)-- The former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, denounced through his official Twitter account the attempt of the de facto government to stop the mobilizations currently underway in the country, through the judicialization of its leaders.

The former president announced that the de facto authorities are politically persecuting the executive secretary of the Bolivian Workers Central (COB), Juan Carlos Huarachi, and the head of the MAS-Ipsp.

They are charged with allegedly attempting to damage the health of Huarachi for leading the protest actions, and in the case of Yañiquez, for the support he has shown for the protesters' demands.

In the continuation of the days of protest called by the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) and other trade and social organizations of Bolivia, in different areas of the departments of El Alto, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, there are blockades of the exits and accesses to the capital cities of the main axis.

From very early on, stones were thrown on the road and tires were burned near the Vela Bridge and the Senkata area of El Alto.  The blockades were called by the Federation of Neighborhood Committees (Fejuve) of the town, which issued a statement instructing the residents of the 14 districts of that city to "block the thousand corners" starting at 00:00 this Monday, local time.

In the valley, the Cochabamba-Santa Cruz highway, in the Ichilo-Bulo Bulo bridge sector, was also blocked.  Likewise, towards the west, the blockades are found from kilometer 25 in the areas of Parotani, Bombeo, Llavini and the rest of that region.

In addition, the protesters created what they call a "carpet of stones" on the road to Sipe Sipe, which has generated stranded vehicles along the way, according to local police.

Also in Cochabamba, the protesters generated disruptions on the Pongo, Sayari and Japokasa roads, on the highway that links the department with Oruro and La Paz. Meanwhile, on the road to the east of the country, there are blockades in Corani, San Jacinto, Shinahota and Senda 3.


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