President of Bolivia affirms that the popular movement will stop any coup attempt

Edited by Ed Newman
2022-10-25 06:30:15


Arce recalled that the unity of social organizations was a key factor to win the general elections of October 2020. | Photo: Twitter @LuchoXBolivia

La Paz, October 25 (RHC)-- Bolivian President Luis Arce affirmed that the country's popular movement will stop any coup attempt encouraged by right-wing sectors to destabilize the country.  During the Congress of the Single Union Federation of Peasant Workers of Cochabamba on Monday, the Bolivian president said that the right "still wants to undertake coup adventures in our country and no doubt that it has, as it did in 2020, the entire peasant movement, the entire popular movement at the forefront to stop any coup adventure."

Luis Arce also stressed that the unity of social organizations was a key factor to win the general elections of October 2020, and urged to maintain that cohesion to face this new challenge in a forceful way.  The Bolivian leader recalled that, on that occasion, the people's candidates obtained the support of more than 3 million Bolivians, which represented more than 55 percent of the vote throughout the territory.

The president affirmed that in the Congress of the Cochabamba Union Federation of Peasant Workers, what is happening in the country should be analyzed in order to take action, in allusion to the strike encouraged by the opposition in Santa Cruz and rejected by part of the population.

Last Saturday, Governor Luis Fernando Camacho and civic leaders from Santa Cruz, who are promoting the indefinite strike in Santa Cruz, abandoned the dialogue promoted by the Bolivian Government on the Census without explaining their proposal to advance the census process scheduled for 2024.  Without presenting technical grounds, they insist on bringing forward the census to 2023 and that its results be published 180 days after the survey is applied.

Following the intransigence of the right wing, the Minister of the Presidency, María Nela Prada, declared that Camacho and the civic groups are more concerned with taking political advantage of the strike than with the census itself.



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