General strike called for Monday in Chile

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2021-03-07 09:51:14


There will be several ways to participate in the mobilization for the sanitary measures before COVID-19. | Photo: Radio UChile

Santiago de Chile, March 7 (RHC)-- The Coordinadora Feminista 8M of Chile has confirmed this Saturday through its official account on the social network Twitter the call for a general strike for next March 8, in commemoration of International Women's Day and to hold a demonstration against "macho and patriarchal violence"

"We are a weekend away from March 8th.  The calls for demonstrations are more than 80 in the different territories. In Santiago, in the Alameda axis we will have 5 milestones: Metro Salvador, Plaza Dignidad, GAM, Cerro Huelen and Calle 18 with Alameda", expresses the coordinator in the mentioned social network. 

With the hashtag #AUnPañueloDeDistancia, the Coordinator released the itinerary of the demonstration, scheduled to take place in six main points of the capital Santiago de Chile.

At the same time, one of the spokeswomen of the group indicated that there will be several ways to participate in the mobilization for the health measures given COVID-19. 

"There are some women who will stay in their homes, who will shout from their windows, and others who want to go to the square near their homes and join their neighbors.  There will be those who want to march in their territories or their communes, and also those who want to come to the Alameda axis," explained the spokeswoman for the Coordinadora, Javiera Manzi.

For her part, one of the organizers of the demonstration, Javiera Contreras, declared to a local media that they decided to maintain the call in the public space, since they have made it theirs and will not allow it to be taken away from them.

"It will not be in the name of care that we release the streets.  We decided to keep the convocation in the public space, which we have made our own and which we will not allow to be taken away from us," she expressed. 

The poet and artist Rosy Sáez, feminist activist and member of the Assembly of Revolutionary Women María Galindo Ramírez, also declared that "this year, there are several demands, but we have managed to articulate ourselves in terms of the freedom of the 'political prisoners', the end of femicides and of fellow women residents who are participating in common pots and who have participated in all the organization for the popular revolt." 


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