Venezuela and Colombia reestablish diplomatic ties with the arrival of their ambassadors  

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2022-08-29 11:05:32


Upon his arrival in Bogota, Plasencia remarked that they will
work tirelessly to satisfy the common interests of the Venezuelan and Colombian peoples. | Photo: VTV

Caracas, Aug 29 (RHC) Venezuela and Colombia formally resumed diplomatic relations on Sunday, following the arrival of their ambassadors Felix Plasencia and Armando Benedetti in Bogota and Caracas, respectively.

The aim is to reestablish binational relations in different areas, betting on cooperation and integration to consolidate significant progress for both peoples; after the arrival to power of Colombian President Gustavo Petro and after three years of interruption.

In this sense, upon his arrival in Bogota, Plasencia said, "we are very eager to advance in the diplomacy of Peace, in this second opportunity that history gives us to restart diplomatic relations between two sister nations".

He added that they would work tirelessly seven days a week to respond to the interests of both countries and rescue the Venezuelan spaces in Colombian jurisdiction.

For his part, Benedetti in Caracas stated that "relations with Venezuela should never have been broken. We are brothers, and an imaginary line cannot separate us, much less a public policy of State, as it happened with President Duque".

He added, "we are going to seek an economic zone, tax extensions, and legislation that allows the Colombian government to invest in works that impact the development of the region."

Likewise, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Carlos Faría, upon receiving Benedetti, expressed: "we receive with enthusiasm the Ambassador of Colombia in our country, Armando Benedetti, confident and full of hope that this will be a new beginning to deepen the bonds of brotherhood and cooperation between our peoples and thus move forward together into the future".


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