Bolivian president warns about racism and separatism of elites

Edited by Ed Newman
2022-12-18 23:11:39


President Arce told the young cadets who graduated this Saturday that they must never forget that they come from the humble and working people and must stand by them. | Photo: Presidency of Bolivia

La Paz, December 19 (RHC)-- The President of Bolivia, Luis Arce, called on young cadets graduating from the three military forces (Army, Navy and Air Force) to be proud of the pluri-nationality of the Bolivian State and defend it from elites that act in a racist and separatist manner.

President Arce attended the graduation ceremony of Army, Navy and Air Force cadets, held at the Military College in the Irpavi area of La Paz.  He told the young people that they are now part of the uniformed Homeland and that they should echo the heroes of the past, among whom he mentioned Eduardo Abaroa, Germán Busch and Tupac Katari.

Luis Arce added that "it is this glorious tradition that they are called to follow in defense of our sovereignty and State, its Constitution and democracy against anti-patriotic elites", in reference to the Pro Santa Cruz Committee and the Government of that department, which expressed that they will review the constitutional relationship of that territory with the plurinational State.

The Bolivian leader stressed that these groups "still today reproduce the worst vices of their predecessors, such as racism or the idea that they can sacrifice the integrity of their country as if it were a whim".

The head of state told them: "Never forget that you come from the people. Your families here present are part of the people as you are. Always remember your roots; you will be worthy heirs of the patriotic military and in the consolidation of the Plurinational State at the side of the humble and working people".

And the president of Bolivia also added: "We place in these new generations of Bolivian soldiers our best hopes, which are the hopes of the Bolivian people, knowing that you will always fulfill the desire of the Liberator Antonio José de Sucre, who asked to preserve the independence of Bolivia amidst all dangers".

During this Saturday's ceremony, 248 second lieutenants and ensigns were graduated.


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