President-designate of Peru withdraws her ambassador to Honduras

Edited by Ed Newman
2023-01-27 10:43:59


The Peruvian Foreign Ministry informed that bilateral relations with Honduras will be maintained indefinitely at the level of chargé d'affaires. | Photo: La República​

Lima, January 27 (RHC)-- The Government of Peru decided on Thursday to withdraw its ambassador to Honduras, after statements on the Peruvian crisis made by the president of the Central American nation, Xiomara Castro, during the recent summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) held in Argentina.

Through its social networks, the Peruvian Foreign Ministry informed of the decision, adopted, it said, in response to what it called "unacceptable interference in internal affairs" of that country.   It added that the declarations of the Honduran head of state did not recognize what they called "the constitutional government of President Dina Boluarte" and that, "as a consequence of the position adopted by Honduras, bilateral relations with that country will be maintained, indefinitely, at the level of chargé d'affaires."

The resolution that gives account of this decision, identified as 019-2023, was published in official media and bears the signatures of the President-designate, Dina Boluarte, and Foreign Minister Ana Cecilia Gervasi.

The document states that as of this Thursday, the credentials and full powers granted to the Peruvian diplomatic representative to Tegucigalpa, Jorge Alejandro Raffo Carbajal, are no longer in effect.

During her speech at the CELAC Summit held Tuesday in the Argentinean capital, Xiomara Castro said: "We condemn the coup d'état in Peru and the aggression to which the Peruvian people are subjected."  She conveyed "solidarity with the legitimately elected President, Pedro Castillo" and demanded his immediate release.

In addition, she stated: "The right wing does not rest, cynically, talks about development (and) plans coups d'état.  Through their media machinery, economic boycott and lawfare political persecution, they maintain a permanent aggression against our peoples."



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