Mass rallies held in U.S. cities in support of Palestine

Edited by Ed Newman
2023-10-23 22:49:06


Protest in Washington, DC -- the U.S. capital.

Washington, October 24 (RHC)-- Pro-Palestinian activists have staged rallies across the United States as the Israeli regime intensifies its deadly attacks against civilians in the besieged Gaza strip.  American demonstrators took the streets over the weekend to demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

Thousands marched in support of Palestinians in Boston for the 'All Out For Gaza' protest on Sunday.  The demonstrators marched through the city to the consulate general of Israel.  Protesters also assembled in Las Vegas on Sunday to support Palestine as the relentless Israeli war rages on.

Co-founder of the Fifth Sun project Eztli Amaya said she does not want her tax dollars going to Israel.
The activist said: "We need complete dismantling the system.  We need them at this point, a complete abolishment and a little bit less funding isn't going to make a difference.  It's just a small dent.  We need to pull out completely.”

“I don't want my tax dollars going to the act of genocide to war.  That tax money is for my kids, for all the kids we have here.  We need a better future for our kids.  We need to make sure that we're building that, not killing a whole another population."

Shaun Navarro, a community organizer, said: "These are the biggest Palestinian protests we've seen pretty much in the history of the United States.  And you really see kind of a changing of public opinion on it. It's it's very clear that more and more people are supporting Palestine, more people are making their voices heard. So it's extremely frustrating to see administration just give this very one sided opinion in support of Israel.”

And Navarro added: “I think it's the latest numbers like he (Biden) wants a $12 billion to support genocide, basically.  And I think it's going to be a huge issue for young people. It's going to be huge, huge issue for voters in general.”

In New York, people rallied in Hauppauge in Long Island, protesting against the Israeli war crimes and the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.  "We have to ask everyone to stand up and express yourself regardless of whether your political or ethnic affiliation," co-organizer of the rally Dr. Nasal Shaid said.

More than a dozen mosques across Suffolk County in the US state of New York were represented at the rally following earlier demos in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  "We are calling for simply putting an end to the genocide. We are calling for an end to the siege, an end to the blockade, an end to the occupation", said one protester.

According to local media, New York Police Department reported more than a dozen protesters were arrested on Saturday.

Also on Saturday, thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered at Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles to call for an end to deadly Israeli attacks on Gaza.  After a round of speeches, the demonstrators began a slow march down Hill Street chanting and carrying signs opposing the occupation of Gaza and denouncing Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “war criminal.”

"What we're experiencing today, what is happening in Palestine is a genocide against Palestinian people. This is a human rights issue‌,"Aida Mackic, one of the LA protesters said.


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