Euro-Med Monitor reports Israeli genocide leaves 110,000 Gazans killed, injured or missing

Edited by Ed Newman
2024-02-04 21:34:35


Geneva, February 5 (RHC)-- A Geneva-based human rights organization has provided a gruesome report on the vast trail of death and destruction left by four months of Israel's genocidal war on the besieged Gaza Strip. 

"Approximately 110,000 Palestinians are reported killed, missing and injured, leaving many suffering long-term disabilities four months into Israel’s genocide in the Gaza Strip," Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said in a statement issued on Sunday.

According to Euro-Med's report, the figure includes a total of 35,096 fatalities, 32,220 of whom civilians, including 12,345 children, 7,656 women, 309 health personnel, 41 civil defense personnel, and 121 journalists.

The fatality tally provided by the rights organization encompasses those who have been trapped beneath the debris of buildings hit by Israeli air and artillery strikes for more than 14 consecutive days now and are, therefore, presumed dead.  Euro-Med said the number of those wounded throughout the Israeli war of aggression stands at 67,240, including hundreds who have suffered critical injury.

The report strongly emphasizes that Israel not heeding ICJ's ruling.

Euro-Med's report added that the Israeli atrocities continue unabated despite an interim ruling that was issued by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) last week, obliging the regime to take all possible measures to prevent genocide against Gaza's population.

"Within a week of the International Court of Justice’s ruling, the Israeli army killed over 1,048 Palestinians—most of them civilians—and injured over 1,800 others, and carried out 108 massacres," the rights organization said.

It added that continuation of the regime's crimes is "against international humanitarian law, [and] the 1949 Geneva Convention, and amounts to war crimes according to the Rome Statute, which governs the International Criminal Court."

The rights organization also urged the international community to act swiftly "to impose a binding executive decision on the International Court of Justice’s ruling, establish an immediate ceasefire, [and] guarantee the safety of civilians and their return to their homes."

The UN says the ongoing Israeli war has left the Gaza Strip “uninhabitable” and that the destruction will take “decades” to reverse.

Throughout its unrelenting aggression, the Israeli military has uprooted about two million Palestinians, approximately 90 percent of the total population of the coastal territory, from their homes and residential areas amid a lack of safe shelters, the Euro-Med said.  It added that the regime's displacement spree has led to complete destruction of 79,200 housing units and partial damage to 207,000 units.

"...Israel has targeted more than 245 square kilometers, 67 percent of the entire Gaza Strip. This includes all of Gaza City and the Strip’s northern regions, where residents have been ordered to evacuate since late October. The majority of them have not yet been able to return; neither have residents of large areas in the central and southern sections of the Strip that Israel had designated as safe areas," the report said.

Elsewhere in its report, the rights organization warned that the Israeli military aggression is apparently aimed re-occupation of Gaza -- from which the regime withdrew in 2005.

"Israel continues to escalate its military assaults against Palestinian civilians in an apparent attempt to expand its territory to include the entire Gaza Strip, uprooting the vast majority of the Strip’s population in violation of international law. This likely amounts to war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide," the rights group said.

The report also pointed out that the regime is deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure in order to cause as many casualties, material losses, and as much general destruction as possible as a form of retaliation and collective punishment.

According to Euro-Med Monitor’s team, the facilities targeted by Israel during its ongoing attacks include 334 schools, 1,720 industrial facilities, 183 health facilities, 478 mosques, three churches, 171 press offices, and 199 archaeological sites.


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