Over 10,000 demonstrators surround the White House in massive protest of Israel's barbaric and genocidal aggression against Gaza

Edited by Ed Newman
2024-06-08 23:28:31


Washington, June 9 (RHC)-- More than 10,000 demonstrators gathered outside the White House on Saturday to protest Joe Biden’s response to Israel’s ongoing military strikes on Gaza.

Thousands surrounded the perimeter of the White House in a sea of red fabric, saying they were drawing a red line for President Biden and calling for an immediate end to Israel's war of aggression against Gaza.

On the same day that Gazan officials said at least 210 Palestinians were killed in a refugee camp, the demonstrators — many of whom had arrived on buses from more than two dozen cities — marched to chants of “Free Palestine!” while holding signs that said “Genocide is our red line” and “Israel bombs, your taxes pay.” 

While marching, they held a seemingly unending strip of red fabric around the entire perimeter, ringing the White House grounds with the banner, showing the names of the more than 36,000 Palestinians killed during the war.

“If Joe Biden’s red line was a fiction … and it was designed to make us become quiet, instead of that, we are going to become louder,” said Brian Becker, a leader of the ANSWER Coalition, one of the organizers of the march.  “Only we can be the red line against genocide.”

Saturday’s protest also comes days after Biden told Time magazine that there is “every reason” to believe that the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is prolonging the war in Gaza for his own political gain – accusations the Israeli government has criticized.

Demonstrators shouted slogans that condemned the U.S. president's so-called iron-clad support for the Tel Aviv regime, including: “Biden, Biden, you’re a sellout.  Pack your bags and get the hell out!”

Saturday marked eight months since Israel’s current genocidal war against Gaza began.  Since last October nearly 37,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israel’s military attacks.

Gaza has also been pushed into a humanitarian crisis amid widespread hunger and disease within the territory.


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