Council of Ministers Considers Important Aspect of Cuba’s Economic Update

Edited by Juan Leandro
2014-03-31 14:43:54


Havana, March 31 (RHC) -- The Cuban Council of Ministers, headed by President Raul Castro, addressed important issues during a meeting on Friday, relevant to the update of the country’s economic model.

The need to separate state and entrepreneurial functions to increase the independence of companies and favor their efficiency and control over their resources were analyzed during the meeting, as well as a proposal to draw up a law on police service and functions, in order to keep guaranteeing public order, the defense and protection of citizens’ rights, in collaboration with state and economic entities, social institutions and the people, and to strengthen the authority and the legal support of police forces.

Also on the agenda was the discussion of a report on the registration of state facilities in 2013, whose plan includes 302 thousand 801 facilities in the 2010-2014 time period.

The rational use of drinking water was another aspect at the center of discussion during the Council of State meeting as the president of the National Water Institute, Ines Maria Chapman, reported on the use of water in 2013 with emphasis on the sectors with the highest levels of consumption. The official presented a strategy aimed at making a more efficient use of water.

Meanwhile, government vice-president Marino Murillo reported on the unification of the double currency, a process he described as extremely complex. He said that in the current stage, the training of executives and officials on recently issued indications has been crucial.

Murillo also presented a policy related to salaries, pensions and other income, which he said was first implemented with the recent salary increase for the health sector. The initiative aims at guaranteeing that each worker receives a salary in tune with his activity, encouraging responsibility of those on leading posts and promoting the appropriate role of salaries.


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