Minneapolis City Council passes  a resolution calling for the restoration of US-Cuba relations

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2021-03-26 20:40:41


The Minneapolis City Council unanimously passed a resolution on Friday calling for Medical and Scientific Collaboration between that U.S. city and Cuba.

Minneapolis,  March 26,(RHC)—The Minneapolis City Council unanimously passed a   resolution on Friday calling for  Medical and Scientific Collaboration between that U.S. city and Cuba.

According to a National Network on Cuba press release, the document  calls on Congress and President Biden "to reverse the recent State Department designation of Cuba as a 'State Sponsor of Terrorism,' restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba, end the decades-long economic blockade, and engage in all mutually beneficial areas of human endeavor."

Council Member Cam Gordon introduced the text.

The Minnesota Cuba Committee and Solidarity on the Americas (SCOTA) jointly advocated for this resolution.

This action reiterates and expands the May 25, 2018 resolution, plus more recent efforts in the Minnesota State Legislature for normalization of US-Cuba relations and successful individual medical collaboration that saved the life of noted Cuban-born Minnesotan musician Ignacio' Nachito' Herrera.

According to the press release, Friday's action by the Minneapolis City Council joins 11 other municipal actions since May 5, 2020, less than a year.

These resolutions advocate medical and scientific cooperation with Cuba to confront the COVID-19 pandemic, ending the Cuban people's extra burden by the unilateral U.S. sanctions.

Chicago, Cleveland City, and Cambridge city councils, like this newest action taken by Minneapolis, call on ending the blockade on Cuba.

Nine months ago, Cubans living in the United States initiated monthly caravans in Miami with bikes and cars calling for bridges of love between families in the U.S. and Cuba. This effort calls attention to the harm felt by their families due to the 240 measures instituted by the U.S. government in the last few years.

 On Sunday, March 28, at least 14 U.S. cities will hold activities, including two in Florida, Miami, and Tampa.

"These resolutions and caravans are living proof that the people of the United States do not support the U.S. economic war against Cuba," said the National Network on Cuba.



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