Cuban Postal services and Customs evaluate the process of international shipments

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2021-08-04 09:51:47



Havana, August 3 (RHC)-- Carlos Asencio Valerino, president of the Correos de Cuba Business Group, and Nelson Cordovés Reyes, head of the General Customs of the Republic, recently checked the progress of operational processes, processing and delivery of international postal packages.

During the meeting, both authorities also evaluated the entry process of Courier and express courier parcels that continue to arrive in the country in record numbers, both by air and sea.

The two executives agreed that the processing of international shipments arriving in Cuba continues to be highly complex due to the impact on these processes of both objective and subjective factors; and acknowledged that there are many dissatisfactions with the quality of this service, both among senders and recipients, according to the official website of Correos de Cuba.

During this working session, the officials reviewed the strategies and actions that both institutions have implemented to improve this service, which has made it possible to speed up the operational and processing of shipments, reducing delivery times to the addressees once they are registered in the Correos de Cuba system.

However, they acknowledged that this process, in the complex scenario Cuba is going through today, marked by the impact of the blockade and COVID-19, continues to be influenced by subjective factors that affect the quality of the service, such as human errors or violations of procedures that are sometimes committed by both Correos de Cuba and Customs personnel.

In this regard, both executives agreed on new decisions and actions aimed at achieving greater speed in the processes of reception and processing of cargo, both at José Martí International Airport and the port of Mariel; as well as in their transfer to the facilities where they are processed.




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