Cuban Parliament denounces maneuver by European deputies

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2021-09-14 08:41:09


Cuban Parliament in session.

Havana, September 13 (RHC)-- The National Assembly of People's Power of Cuba, the island's Parliament, condemned the imposition of a new debate within the European Parliament, contrary to the spirit of dialogue between both parties.

In a declaration, the Cuban legislature said the promoters of this initiative, who pretend to set themselves up as defenders of the rights of the people of the Caribbean country, lack moral authority.

According to the text, 'the same faction of MEPs subservient to Washington has contrived to schedule a new debate on Cuba next September 16'.

The proposal, the statement adds, once again turns the European Parliament into a pawn of maneuvers of escalating aggression contrary to genuinely European interests and to the respectful dialogue that has characterized Cuba-EU relations.

"The repeated actions of this group of MEPs should be a cause of concern for the Union's citizens and institutions," the Cuban Parliament denounces.

Likewise, it qualifies the called debate as a politicized exercise, reflecting its promoters' political agenda rather than any genuine concern for protecting human rights in Cuba or elsewhere.

The call, published on the European Parliament's website, includes an exchange on the alleged repression by the Government of Havana and the adoption of a resolution on the subject.

Last June, the National Assembly of People's Power  International Relations Committee rejected the resolution approved then following a similar call, which it considered 'spurious.

The European Parliament document accused Cuba on that occasion of not registering concrete progress about the general principles and objectives pursued by the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement with the EU.

However, during the discussion, the bloc's High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, defended the Agreement and criticized the tightening of the U.S. encirclement during Donald Trump's administration.


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