Cuban journalists denounce interference by the European Parliament

Edited by Catherin López
2023-07-13 11:45:50


Cuban journalists denounce interference by the European Parliament


Havana, Jul 13 (RHC) The Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC) denounced Thursday the resolution recently adopted by the European Parliament with the marked objective of hindering the island's presence at the CELAC-EU Summit.

"Without any morals whatsoever sectors of the extreme right within the European Parliament have had an anti-Cuban resolution approved. The document is a dirty and rusty copy of others that have appeared every time European countries and Cuba have vowed dialogue and a policy of non-interference," a statement stressed.

UPEC, as part of Cuban civil society, denounces this type of interference and defends the existence of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) as part of the much-needed integration process in the region.

The text condemned "that extreme right-wing political groups are trying to turn the aforementioned Summit into a circus, with room for sick clowns, incapable of acting in favor of dialogue, collaboration and solidarity between inhabitants of two regions closely linked by culture, language and history".

The statement noted that the hackneyed theme of human rights - so systematically violated in many European countries - is once again being used by those who should be concerned about what happened to the demonstrators who peacefully took to the streets of France to protest the death of a young man by a French policeman.

UPEC suggested, "to the gentlemen of the European Parliament to look inside the policies used against immigrants, mainly from Africa and the Middle East, those who by the thousands die in the attempt to reach by sea, to rich countries, which plundered their nations occupied and turned into colonies".

"It would be at least acting with a minimum of dignity if those same representatives of the European right-wing would condemn the presence of a U.S. nuclear submarine in the illegal naval base of Guantanamo," the statement said. UPEC denounced as shameless that those who claim to act in the name of democracy try to sabotage an event such as the CELAC-EU Summit, which for Latin American nations would be an important moment to talk about collaboration, non-interference, and actions in favor of saving the planet from the harmful effects of climate change. (Source: PL)


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