Spanish MEP denounces maneuvers against Cuba by right-wing group in the European Parliament

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2021-09-17 12:49:44


Manu Pineda

Spanish MEP denounces maneuvers against Cuba by right-wing group in the European Parliament


Madrid, Sep 17 (RHC) Spanish MEP Manu Pineda said today that if anyone wants to support the Cuban people what they really should do is fight for the lift of the embargo.


During a debate held in the European Parliament (EP) promoted by the Right to question Cuba, Pineda, representing Izquierda Unida-Unidas Podemos, made an intervention in defense of the Caribbean island.


The Cuban government is at the service of its people and does not obey orders from the empire', he said.


He added that 'like good butlers, they seek to satisfy their bosses (...) you give us a fictional story in which you denounce an alleged repression against peaceful demonstrators (....) it would seem that you are talking about Colombia, Guatemala or Honduras.


At this point the only thing I hope is that you stop sinking this parliament in ignominy. The right wing can bring a thousand debates on Cuba to the European Parliament (...) that a thousand times we will come to defend the sovereignty of Cuba and the dignity of a people that does not obey the orders of the empire, he remarked.


Manu Pineda sent a message to the Cuban Government, Parliament and people of support and admiration for what they are doing and 'tell them that Cuba is not alone, regardless of what some spokesmen and political representatives do.


You are an example of dignity (...) you maintain the position of defending human rights, putting life at the center of policies, instead of submitting them to economic and financial interests, he stressed.


Member of the EP since 2019, Andalusian from Almeria, he reflected on the panorama within the hemicycle around Latin America and the Caribbean, which he described as very complex.


He made reference particularly to the Spanish right-wing groups -Ciudadanos, Partido Popular and Vox-, which promote measures, resolutions, debates and proposals always aimed at overthrowing any progressive government.


We see how it is impossible to promote a debate, for example, on the crimes of the Government of Iván Duque in Colombia against demonstrators (...) the coup leader Jeanine Áñez in Bolivia is exalted; while Venezuela and Cuba are persecuted, he commented.


He pointed out that the extreme right, without having a numerical majority, has gained political hegemony, at least in matters of foreign policy, and above all with regard to Latin America.


He emphasized that fortunately, the debates and resolutions adopted have no repercussions at the domestic level and only serve media interests. (PL)




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