Dutch bank blocks donations to delegation that will travel to Cuba

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2022-01-19 08:04:28



London, January 19 (RHC)-- The Dutch bank ING blocked donations to a delegation of the Progressive International that will travel to Havana to support free access to Covid-19 vaccines promoted by Cuba.

In a press release, the organization adds that the decision taken by ING shows the extraterritorial scope of the unilateral measure imposed by Washington, which seeks, it said, not only to asphyxiate Cuba but also to hinder international solidarity with that country.

After branding the decision of the Dutch bank as scandalous, the organization recalled that while European countries administer booster doses, the majority of the inhabitants of the poorest nations on the planet have not even received an injection against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

In the face of this vaccine apartheid, it added that Cuba emerges as a driving force of internationalism with its promise to share its vaccines with the world.

Progressive International launched weeks ago a fundraising campaign to finance the trip to Havana of a delegation that will organize a special briefing on the Caribbean island's efforts to produce its Covid-19 vaccines and its desire to share them with the world.

Despite the blocking of donations by ING Bank, a spokesperson for the organization assured Prensa Latina that plans to hold the meeting in the Cuban capital remain unchanged.

The event scheduled for January 25, which is part of the Union for Vaccine Internationalism promoted by Progressive International, will be attended by Cuban scientists, ministers, and public health officials.




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