Cuban ambassador highlights Cambodia's loyalty in the face of U.S. blockade

Edited by Catherin López
2022-10-28 08:13:35


Liurka Rodrguez, Cuban Ambassador to Cambodia. Photo: PL

Phnom Penh, Oct 28 (RHC) Cuba's ambassador to Cambodia, Liurka Rodriguez, highlighted the loyalty of this Indochinese nation that has always accompanied the island in its struggle against the intensified economic blockade of the United States.


Cuba is grateful for the unconditional support at all levels of the Kingdom of Cambodia, which has always accompanied us not only by voting in favor of the Cuban resolution demanding the cessation of that policy but also in explaining its position and denouncing this injustice, she stressed.


After a meeting with local journalists to inform them about the resolution on the issue that the island will present to the UN General Assembly next November, she told Prensa Latina that this position is a reflection of the historic friendship that unites both countries.


The intense bilateral activity of recent weeks is nothing more than the fruit of the seed cultivated by the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, and King Father Norodom Sihanouk, who cemented an intimate friendship and identified with the common cause for peace and progress, she said.


The diplomat reviewed the results of the recent visits of Prime Minister Hun Sen to Havana and his counterpart Manuel Marrero to Phnom Penh, which was preceded by another visit of Cuban First Deputy Foreign Minister Gerardo Peñalver to this capital.


He added that later, the U-21 men's volleyball team traveled to Cambodia to hold two preparation matches and a friendly match against the Cambodian team, and finally we received the president of the Latin American Information Agency, Luis Enrique González.


He emphasized that the latter signed an important collaboration agreement with the Kampuchea Press Agency, which will allow strengthening bilateral ties also in the informative field and joining forces in defense of the truth.


In her presentation to journalists, the Cuban Ambassador remarked that, despite some positive announcements by the US authorities in the right direction, but extremely limited and practically inapplicable, the blockade has not changed its scope and depth at all.


Between August 2021 and February 2022 alone, the losses caused by the economic, financial, and commercial siege reached a record figure of 3 billion 806 million dollars, while in the first 14 months of Joe Biden's administration it amounted to 6 billion 364 million dollars, she specified.


In 6 decades, at current prices, the accumulated damages total 154 billion 217 million dollars, she said before asking them to imagine how much more the Cuban people could have done with those resources.


The U.S. blockade against Cuba has taken on an aggressive quality that it did not have in the past, which is why its impact has a greater dimension and from the humanitarian point of view is more perverse and harmful, she emphasized. (Source: PL)


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