Ambassador to Mexico denounces Biden's continuing blockade policy against Cuba

Edited by Catherin López
2022-11-01 09:02:42


Marcos Rodriguez, Cuban ambassador to Mexico. Image: PL

Mexico City, Nov 1 (RHC) President Joe Biden has not changed the U.S. blockade policy against Cuba despite his electoral promises, denounced the island's ambassador to Mexico, Marcos Rodriguez.


Rodriguez gave concrete details and pointed out that with the Democratic government the persecution of Cuba's economic, commercial and financial operations continues, and that even the scope and depth of the blockade have worsened and are more aggressive.


He gave as an example that in only 7 months the value of the damages was 3,806 million dollars, a record for such a short time, and in the first 14 months of Biden's administration, they amounted to 6,384 million dollars, more than 454 million dollars a month.


This economic war affects every Cuban family inside and outside the country, but above all, it limits the capacity of the Cuban government to satisfy the fundamental needs of the population, which is the one that suffers the most from Washington's draconian and illegal measures, the Cuban diplomat assured.


In general terms, at constant prices, the total losses for Cuba generated by the blockade amount to one trillion 391,111 million dollars, the ambassador recalled according to official figures of his government which will be informed to all UN member countries.


He spoke in particular of the serious energy situation in the country and the obstacles imposed by the Biden government to acquire parts and supplies for that industry since it is difficult to obtain on the international market those that do not have any percentage of U.S. components.


The numerous journalists from the most important national media asked several questions which allowed Rodriguez to thank the Mexican government for its support to Cuba in the face of several adversities and against the blockade itself.


He also expressed his gratitude for the recent declarations of the Chamber of Deputies, its Foreign Relations Commission, and the Mexico-Cuba Friendship Group made up of deputies from all political parties, which demanded an end to this unjust economic war against the Caribbean Island and its people. (Source: PL)



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