Fidel Castro is credited with Cuba's victory against the blockade at the UN

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2022-11-04 14:38:32


Fidel Castro's first speech at the UN in 1960

Caracas, Nov 4 (RHC) Cuba's ambassador to Venezuela, Dagoberto Rodriguez, attributed to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, the triumph achieved by the island at the United Nations with the majority of the world’s rejection of the blockade.


Once the vote in favor of the resolution presented by Havana against the hostile policy was concluded, the diplomat affirmed that this is the result of the work of the Revolution, of Fidel Castro, which we cannot forget at this moment.


On Thursday, 185 States voted in favor of the resolution presented by the island, two voted against (the United States and Israel) and an equal number abstained (Brazil and Ukraine).


The Ambassador said that as expected, once again the world, in a forceful manner, expressed its rejection of the blockade, to "the cruelty of the empire against our country".


He pointed out that what happened at the United Nations is a demonstration, not only that the island is not alone, but also that Washington has to stop "this madness, the way it treats Cuba and the world"; that is a powerful message from the international community, he added.


Rodriguez commented that it is not only because of the votes of the countries but also because behind it is the will of the peoples of the world who condemn that policy, know it and repudiate it.


It is a generalized opinion in the world that the U.S. empire has to stop this brutality, the cruelty it commits daily against the Cuban people and their legitimate rights.


This last day of struggle against the blockade has been "incredible when one looks at the level of support, the knowledge there is in the different countries about this criminal policy".


Rodriguez pointed out that Cuba has done nothing else in the last 60 years, but support to the extent of its possibilities everyone who needed it.


He added that the island has been present in the most remote places of Africa since the beginning of the Revolution, helping, and contributing to improve the lives of the citizens of that continent.


It has also been, in Asia, in the Pacific, and in Latin America, in all circumstances.


Despite the economic, environmental, and health crisis in the world, Cuba continues to contribute to the extent of its possibilities to improve health in many countries and other areas as well, with modesty, with our scarce resources and an enormous will.


The diplomat said that the way to save this world today is through solidarity collaboration, help, understanding, and the promotion of peace and understanding among the peoples of the world.


He expressed his pride as a diplomat of the Revolution, of being Cuban, of feeling that Cuba arouses such noble and supportive feelings all over the planet. (Source: PL)



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