The European Parliament denounces the extraterritoriality of the blockade against Cuba

Edited by Catherin López
2022-11-16 21:33:06


The European Parliament denounces the extraterritoriality of the blockade against Cuba

Havana, Nov 16 (RHC) On Wednesday, Members of the European Parliament, jurists, diplomats, and solidarity activists denounced from the European Parliament in Brussels the extraterritoriality of the blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba and called for action against it.

In the forum "Let Cuba Live: End the Blockade", organized by the group The Left in the European Parliament, several voices were raised to reject Washington's objective of applying its unilateral policy to companies, banks, and citizens of the old continent.

The event included a panel moderated by French MEP Leila Chaibi to address from different angles the extraterritorial scope of the siege, translated into laws such as Torricelli (1992) and Helms-Burton (1996), which seek to asphyxiate the island.

Chaibi repudiated the effects caused by a policy that she called a daily economic war because it attacks access to medicines and basic necessities.

For her part, the secretary of the Belgian Coordinating Committee to End the Blockade against Cuba, Wim Leysens, explained the activities promoted by the platform made up of more than 40 organizations to combat the siege and its extraterritorial scope.

In particular, she referred to the actions against the refusal of banks in Belgium to make transfers to the island, for fear of U.S. pressure and sanctions.

Jurist Elizabeth Valdés-Miranda pointed out that Cuba has not been sanctioned by the UN and that Washington assumes a prerogative it does not have.

The ambassador of the Antillean nation to Belgium and to the European Union, Yaira Jimenez, also intervened in the panel, with examples of the extraterritoriality of the blockade and its impact on Europe. The meeting also attracted MEPs, solidarity associations, and Cubans living in nine countries. (Source: PL)


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