Minister of Justice reiterates Cuba's position in London trial

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2023-02-02 21:58:36



Oscar Silvera, Cuban Minister of Justice

Havana, Feb 2 (RHC) After concluding the lawsuit filed against Banco Nacional and the Caribbean country,  Cuban Minister of Justice Oscar Silvera reiterated Thursday that CRF I Limited is not a creditor of our country.


The Minister pointed out that the CRF (vulture fund) tried to appropriate Cuban debt using illicit acts, as evidence showed during the process in the High Court of London.


He explained that there is evidence "that shows that at such a delicate moment as was the passage of Hurricane Irma, they intended to pressure Cuba and establish this judicial claim".


According to Granma newspaper, he added that after an "alleged unfavorable ruling" the vulture fund would try to prevent the free flow of funds to and from the Caribbean nation, to effectively block the country's access to international financial markets.


Silvera stressed that the CFR has tried to discredit Cuba by using judicial proceedings, which "as has been said is mercantile".


The head of Justice informed that some of the CFR representatives violated the rules of the court with illegal behaviors that were notified to the police by the English Court and an investigation is currently underway.


He stressed that "even skipping the rules of freedom of expression, they have emphasized attacking, threatening, defaming and harassing our lawyers and the Cuban delegation present here in London".


He specified that the Cuban legal team includes the legal services of a leading international law firm in Latin America, which coordinates the actions through the barristers (lawyers who can intervene in all the courts) and solicitors required by English law.


At the same time, he expressed that the defenders of the Caribbean nation have his full support and confidence and highlighted their professionalism, ethics, and legal rigor during the process.


Silvera highlighted the seriousness, adherence to the rules, and organization of technological protocols by the English court and its authorities in each part of the process, in which several witnesses testified from Havana in real time.


He indicated that after all the evidence was presented, as well as the final arguments by the lawyers of the parties before the Judge, it is up to the Court to issue a sentence which will not be immediate", added the Cuban Minister of Justice. (Source: Prensa Latina)


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