U.S. congressional representative calls for use of military force against Cuba

Edited by Catherin López
2023-06-24 10:04:03


Network in Defense of Humanity

Havana, June 24 (RHC) The Network in Defense of Humanity (REDH) denounces today the pronouncement of the representative of the first congressional district of the U.S. state of Florida, Matt Gaetz, urging the use of military force against Cuba.

In its statement entitled "With truth, for peace and justice", the organization rejected the words of the congressman, who during a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee to which he belongs, declared that the president of his country, Joe Biden, should attack Cuba because of the alleged existence of Chinese military assets in its territory.

According to REDH, Gaetz said he supported "an authorization for the use of military force to remove Chinese military assets in Cuba" as the committee discussed amendments to its National Defense Act.

The proclamation published the day before recalled that earlier this month Cuban Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Carlos Fernandez de Cossio publicly denied false information on the issue published in the U.S. press lacking any evidence whatsoever.

He warned that the Antillean nation, besides being sovereign, is a signatory of international agreements, and consequently rejects foreign military presence in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Network expressed its support for the words of Fernandez de Cossio on Havana's rejection of "all foreign military presence in Latin America and the Caribbean, including that of numerous bases and military personnel of the United States, especially the military base that illegally occupies a portion of the national territory in the province of Guantanamo".

The document stressed that Latin America as a zone of peace, is not a mere slogan and warned that the threat against Cuba constitutes a threat against all peoples and the world.

"It is customary for the empire to threaten and act against our people. Its fall increases violence and warmongering everywhere," he said.

The document explained that Cuba has suffered the interference and invasion of the United States since its beginning as a nation and the constant aggression worsened after the revolutionary triumph of January 1, 1959, a policy that Washington has not changed, which evidences this new threat to apply military force and the daily actions of the economic, commercial and financial blockade implemented by its government against the island.

"This is yet another lie of the empire, another excuse to justify its crimes", concluded the REDH statement published on its website. (Source: PL)


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