Cuban president receives Key of Honor of the city of Lisbon

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2023-07-15 06:47:02


President Diaz-Canel received the Key of Honor of the City of Lisbon at the Municipal Chamber of Lisbon on Friday, which is awarded to recognized national or foreign personalities, institutions or organizations. Photo: DiazCanelB/ Twitter

Lisbon, July 15 (RHC)-- "Thank you, thank you very much, for this noble and generous gesture that I thank on behalf of Cuba," said President Diaz-Canel after receiving this Friday the Key of Honor of the City of Lisbon, with which personalities, institutions or national or foreign organizations are distinguished for their prestige, position, action or very special relationship with Lisbon.

"We are honored and exalted by this symbol, because it opens the door to Lisbon, recognized as one of the great European cultural centers, point of departure and meeting point of the most diverse cultures since the origins of the world", said the Head of State before the official delegation and the diplomatic corps invited for the occasion.

In the beautiful hall from whose balcony the independence of the Portuguese Republic was declared more than a century ago, the Cuban leader assured that this was the "most symbolic way to honor the ties that unite our respective peoples, from the Latin roots, the successive migrations in both directions, the exchange of knowledge and history itself with its multiple impacts, to the current challenging days, putting human solidarity to the test".

The Cuban president highlighted the imprint of this wonderful City of the Seven Hills that has many resonances in Cuba; of its traces in the national architecture and in numerous popular traditions; of the devotion of many Cubans for the Virgin of Fatima and Saint Anthony, which has enriched our religiosity; as well as the permanent or temporary seat that Lisbon has been for countless compatriots, who have been part of the economic, cultural and academic life of the city, without losing their Cuban citizenship.

Upon receiving this valuable symbol, synthesis of a millenary history, along with gratitude, the Head of State emphasized, I express "my greatest wishes of happiness for the people of Lisbon and prosperity for the city of Lisbon, whose key I would be honored to take, as a token of affection, to my beloved Cuba".

Of hospitality, shared affection, history and culture with common roots, identity and cooperation, Mr. Carlos Moedas, president of the Municipal Chamber of Lisbon, had spoken shortly before, who with great affection reminded the President of the Republic of Cuba that it was Portugal "one of the first countries in the world to recognize the independence of the young Cuban Revolution."

"It is an honor to be here with you and to welcome you to Lisbon on your first official visit to Portugal," Moedas assured. Portugal's history, he said, has "intertwined with the history of the Americas."

The relations between our countries, he said, "have a past, are made of a present and will have a future", and also recalled common points that in different areas distinguish the ties between the two peoples and nations.

In a special way, the President of the Municipal Chamber of Lisbon acknowledged the work carried out in previous years by Cuban doctors in Lisbon, with a significant contribution to the health system, especially in the areas where they were most needed. Likewise, he referred to Portugal's willingness to count on Cuba's experiences in issues associated with science and innovation.

"We want to continue working with you, with your talent, and you can continue to count on Portugal's talent," he stressed. In turn, he referred to the common position of both countries to defend peace. "After a pandemic, and now in the midst of a war, what we all need is a fresh start. A fresh start for peace, for cooperation and for mutual help between peoples," he stressed.

These are all reasons, and many others, he said, to "give him today something very special that we give to very special people, and that is to make him a citizen of Lisbon by giving him the key to this city with a great pleasure to have him here and a great honor."


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