U.S. Blockade Inflicts Losses Worth Millions on Cuba's Education Sector

Edited by Ed Newman
2015-10-24 14:48:03


Havana, October 24 (RHC)-- Between April 2014 and March 2015, the U.S. blockade policy inflicted losses amounting to nearly 2 billion dollars on the country's education sector, representing nearly a quarter million dollars more than the previous year.

Paul Torres, spokesperson of the Cuban Education Ministry stressed that sanction imposed by the US on third countries that do business with Cuba have led foreign companies to significantly limit their exports to Cuba and consequently, the Caribbean state is forced to import school materials from far away countries like China with the resulting increase in freight fees.


  • David Wade, Ph.D.'s gravatar
    David Wade, Ph.D.
    24/10/2015 03:59 pm

    Who benefits from this ridiculous blockade? It certainly is not the US general public. US citizens have more in common with their neighbors in Cuba than with any of their so-called "representatives" in Washington, DC. We are also victims of the blockade because it prevents us from interacting freely with our next door neighbor, Cuba. Obama could end the blockade with a stroke of his pen, but he is apparently either afraid to do so or, more likely, hasn't been offered enough "incentive" to do so. He had no hesitation about using US taxpayer dollars to bailout the big US banks, and he turned over the US health care system to the US insurance companies. I am sure that both will repay him handsomely after he leaves office. We should identify exactly who is benefiting from the blockade, and focus our pressure efforts on that person or group. David Wade, Ph.D.

  • Dr.G .S Bhalla Profe's gravatar
    Dr.G .S Bhalla Profe
    19/03/2016 04:14 pm

    Right to education is a birth right it is too unfortunate to act in a manner detrimental to it.

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