Havana, December 20 (RHC)-- The Second Session of the 8th Legislature of the Cuban National Assembly of People's Power opened Friday morning at Havana's Conventions Center with a draft Labor Code at the top of the agenda.... More

Havana, December 20 (RHC)-- The Cuban Council of Ministers, headed by President Raul Castro, considered the Economic Plan and Budget for 2014 on Thursday.... More

Havana, December 20 (RHC)-- Two wreaths sent by Revolution leaders Fidel and Raul Castro were laid at the tombs of Cuban combatants killed in action 55 years ago in the eastern locality of Jiguani, in the province of Granma.... More

Havana, December 20 (RHC)-- President Raul Castro said that violations against the country’s economy cannot go unpunished as he referred to damage inflicted on the foreign trade sector, which was at the center of debates by the Council of Ministers.... More

Havana, December 20 (RHC)-- A total of 444 thousand Cubans have joined private work, said deputy minister of Labor and Social Security Marta Elena Feito, as she addressed a parliamentary commission in session at Havana’s Conventions Center. The figure includes 440, 763 workers more than in the beginning of the year; while 26 percent of those workers are women and 32% young people.... More

Havana, December 20 (RHC)-- Most Cuban young people are currently working in the state sector and acknowledge their opportunities to keep improving their skills, said specialist Maria Josefa Luis.... More

The most recent album by renowned Cuban pianist and jazz musician, Roberto Fonseca, is among the ten top CD productions in the United States in 2013, according to a Washington Post poll. ... More

Bogota, December 19 (RHC)-- Colombia's Environmental and Sustainable Development Ministry has imposed a 3.5-million-dollar fine on the U.S Multinational Company Drummond Mining a coal spill in Colombian Caribbean waters.... More

Baghdad, December 19 (RHC)-- At least ten Shia Muslims have been killed in a bomb attack in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, according to Iraqi security officials. The attack took place in the southern Baghdad neighborhood of Dura after a bomber detonated an explosive belt in a crowd of Shia pilgrims.... More

Caracas, December 19 (RHC)-- The general secretary of the right wing Venezuelan Party Accion Democratica, or Democratic Action, Henry Ramos, stressed the mutual respect that has marked a meeting held by President Nicolas Maduro and opposition governors and mayors.... More

Tel Aviv, December 19 (RHC)-- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to continue illegal settlement construction on occupied Palestinian territories. On Wednesday, the Israeli prime minister said: “We will not stop, even for a moment... developing the settlement enterprise.”... More

Damascus, December 19 (RHC)-- Russia’s ambassador to Syria says Moscow has deployed ten planes carrying equipment to assist in the elimination operation of Syria’s chemical weapons. The ambassador said on Thursday that the aircraft transporting the equipment have landed in the Syrian port city of Latakia.... More

Cairo, December 19 (RHC)-- A court in Egypt has cleared former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq and former dictator Hosni Mubarak’s two sons of corruption charges. The court on Thursday found Gamal and Alaa Mubarak as well as Shafiq innocent of corruption in a land deal-related case.... More

United Nations, December 19 (RHC)-- The UN General Assembly has adopted a unanimous resolution that calls for countries to ensure that the use of drones complies with their obligations under international law.... More

New Delhi, December 19 (RHC)-- A spat has opened up between the United States and India over the alleged mistreatment of an Indian diplomat. India’s deputy consul general in New York was arrested last week on charges of underpaying a domestic helper and committing visa fraud to win her entry into the country.... More