Solidarity for Ecuador in Face of Right-wing Destabilization

Edited by Ivan Martínez
2015-08-01 12:12:18


 Quito, August 1 (teleSUR-RHC)-- Against the backdrop of a wave of violent opposition protests in Ecuador demanding the ousting of the elected and popular Rafael Correa government, former London mayor Ken Livingstone and prominent filmmaker John Pilger are among those to have signed an international call for solidarity.

The statement, circulating on civil society and seeking world signatories, condemns “the recent wave of right-wing violence in Ecuador in opposition to redistribution proposals by the government of President Rafael Correa” which are now “openly calling for the fall of the elected government.”

Prominent Latin American author Richard Gott, leader of the UK peace movement Kate Hudson and Derek Wall, the International Coordinator for the UK's Green Party were among 100’s of others to sign the statement.

The wave of protests followed government proposals to increase the inheritance and capital gains taxes of the top two percent of the society, part of a range of social policies that seek to tackle ongoing inequality in the country.

But, the statement explains, in response “privileged sectors initiated aggressive protests aiming to occupy the offices of the governing PAIS Alliance of President Correa. Some of these right-wing protests turned violent, with bottles and other objects thrown at government supporters gathered to ward off any attack on the facilities. Several people, including the former minister of culture, were injured.”

Drawing on recent Ecuadorean history the signatories note that “destabilization efforts are not new, and less than five years ago many of these same sectors and opposition leaders participated in or supported the failed coup attempt on September 30, 2010., that left five dead and many injured. The latest protests are a continuation of an orchestrated campaign to undermine and topple a democratic and popular government.”

Recognizing the democratic mandate of President Correa’s government whose party have won ten consecutive elections it adds “the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) have spoken out in defense of the elected and legitimate government of Rafael Correa and against any destabilization plans.”

It concludes with a call for “rejecting efforts to undermine the Citizen's’ Revolution, especially through media manipulation and violence,” and urges all sides to “support the government efforts calling for dialogue to reaffirm concrete policies to continue with social advances in the country.”


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