A new exercise of our participatory democracy

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2021-11-10 00:29:35


Cubans will be able to know how much has been done and how much more can be done with everyone's participation in the accountability assemblies.
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By María Josefina Arce 

From this Wednesday until December 23, the assemblies of accountability of delegates to their electors will be held, an exercise of our participatory democracy endorsed by the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba.

This is a necessary process through which the people exercise their power and consolidate the unity of the neighborhoods, where most of our lives are spent.

It is also a mechanism to work in favor of the well-being of Cuban families, since their criteria, considerations and ideas are listened to in order to solve the problems that concern everyone.

For this reason, new resolutions have been passed to consolidate the role of the delegate, elected by the people to represent their interests before the different authorities.

Therefore, it is essential to always elect the best and most capable delegates so that they can channel the dissatisfaction of the citizens in the best possible way.

And in order to advance in a better and fruitful work, the authorities have insisted on the urgency that the different institutions accompany the delegate in his work.

It must be taken into account that these men and women carry out such a commendable task on a voluntary basis, without being paid anything and in most cases they perform other functions.

The delegate is an essential figure in the effort to achieve the conscious participation of all in the most important decisions at the territorial level.

Therefore, together with their desire to work for the common good, it is essential to constantly prepare them in the work they do in order to provide them with the necessary tools for a better performance.

A vital preparation in view of this accountability process that is beginning, since in addition to informing the electorate about the results of their management, they will have to update them on the measures adopted by the government in order to update the economy, in the midst of a complex panorama after a year and a half of confrontation with COVID-19 and the reinforcement of the US blockade.

Likewise, the transformation currently being experienced in many neighborhoods, aimed at raising the quality of life of the population, will also be at the center of the accountability assemblies.

 Even under difficult conditions, the country has continued to work and Cubans will be able to know how much has been done and how much more can be done with the participation of everyone in the accountability assemblies, a direct way of exercising power.


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