Vaccinations in Cuba allows for response to Omicron

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2022-02-14 06:53:51


Image / RHC / Mireya Ojeda

By Roberto Morejón

Cuba's health system notes the attenuation of the recent wave caused by Omicron, a variant of COVID-19 that, as in the rest of the world, put this country under stress, although fortunately the progress of immunization brought its benefits.

Cuba consolidates the trend of reduction of cases, bordering or below 1,000 per day, after a peak behavior.

Experts pointed out that the increase was lower than in previous years, a behavior attributed to the successful progress of vaccination with native antidotes.

Thanks to the fact that 88 percent of Cubans have the complete three-dose scheme with native Abdala or Soberana biologics and are undergoing the booster, the Caribbean nation has been able to overcome the less aggressive but highly contagious omicron under more favorable circumstances.

Cuba is designing a new normality even in the midst of the presence of Omicron, for which it rightly maintains certain restrictions and hygienic-sanitary measures, while the economy, tourism and the school year continue their activities, without neglecting them.

However, it is appropriate, as is already being done, to strengthen the care of the elderly, especially those with basic diseases, who are very vulnerable to the present variant of COVID-19.

The government and the health system emphasize in a timely manner the importance of bringing older adults promptly to the hospital system as soon as they manifest symptoms.

The primary health care system and essentially the family physician have the mission of closely monitoring the condition, especially of the elderly, as they have unfortunately contributed the highest number of deaths in recent years.

While procedures in this regard are being strengthened, the successes of the country's strategy in the development of native vaccines are evident.

Effective even in the midst of the omicron scourge, the native injectables protect and allow the authorities to eliminate the mandatory quarantine rule for travelers coming from several African countries.

Cuba is also entering the phase of gradual delivery of the Digital Vaccination Certificate as a result of the compendium of the prophylactic process, so favorable that it has awakened interest in other nations.

The Nicaraguan ambassador to Cuba, Wilfredo Jarquín, valued as very positive the immunization of his country's children with the biologicals sent by the land of José Martí.

Although the U.S. blockade also complicates the enlistment of its vaccines, Cuba will continue with them for the maximum coverage of its nationals and contribution to other nations.



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