Nicaragua denounces foreign instigation of its crisis

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2018-08-03 08:53:59

Denis Moncada, Nicaragua´s Foreign Minister

Caracas, August 3 (RHC) Nicaragua´s Foreign Affairs Minister, Denis Moncada, denounced the participation and financing of foreign political actors, especially the United States, in the violent protests led by opposition groups in the country.

 “The United States has been financing these events to orchestrate a coup against a legitimate government, against the democratic government of Daniel Ortega,' Moncada said during an interview with the En Clave Política program, broadcast on teleSUR.

Moncada added that during these three months of violence and stalemate in Nicaragua, a media campaign has been launched with the support of the United States to stage a psychological war to destabilize the economy and the development of the country.

The diplomat stated that these same strategies have been used against other countries, as part of measures to disrupt progressive governments of the region, and he recalled the cases of Venezuela and Cuba, nations that have been harassed by US pressures.

Now they intend to create groups or official commissions to continue with their interventionist policies, to gain ground with their geopolitical strategies. and continue with their plans” Moncada said in relation to the creation by the Organization of American States (OAS) of a Working Group, presumably to contribute to a peaceful solution to the crisis.

The Nicaraguan Foreign Affairs minister rejected the OAS´s procedures and described them as irregular and politically motivated.

Regarding the dialogue between the Catholic Church and President Daniel Ortega, the minister said that they are currently analyzing its course, since the Government will not accept any consensus conditioned by unconstitutional demands.

Finally, he stressed that all institutions and authorities continue to work for the recovery of the stability and the economy of Nicaragua.


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