Cuba supports Nicaragua's decision to withdraw from the OAS

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2021-11-20 09:31:52



Havana, Nov 19 (RHC)-- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez supported Nicaragua's decision to withdraw from the Organization of American States (OAS) while denouncing the organization's interference in the Central American nation's internal affairs.

"Managua's government decision is a firm response to the maneuvers of OAS head Luis Almagro, "the Cuban foreign minister added in a message posted on Twitter.

"We support Nicaragua's decision to withdraw from the OAS, which constitutes a firm and dignified response to the maneuvers of the secretary-general of that organization, in collusion with the United States, to try to interfere in the decisions that concern the Nicaraguan people," he added.

On Friday, the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry sent a letter denouncing Almagro and communicated his country's decision to withdraw permanently from that regional forum.

The head of Foreign Affairs of the Central American country, Denis Moncada, recalled the statements condemning the interference of the OAS from state powers such as the National Assembly, the Supreme Court of Justice and the National Electoral Council.

Moncada also acknowledged the adherence of that nation to issues such as the abstention from the use of force, threats, and the non-imposition of unilateral, illegal, and coercive measures, elements of obligatory compliance for the OAS. However, it ignores them and continuously transgresses them in an irresponsible manner.

In his opinion, the international organization is a diplomatic, political forum, emerged under the influence of the United States as an instrument of interference and intervention, and its actions concerning Nicaragua demonstrate its mission as a facilitator of Washington's hegemony and its interventionism over the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean.

"We do not recognize ourselves as a colony of any power and we vindicate national dignity and decorum (...) in the face of aggressive actions in violation of the UN Charter and International Law, by the Organization of American States, the United States and other colonialist and neo-colonialist entities", stated Moncada in his letter.


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