Argentina and Brazil agree to strengthen bilateral relations

Edited by Ed Newman
2023-01-23 14:54:56


As Argentina and Brazil celebrate 200 years of diplomatic relations, we are still linked by exactly the same problems and needs as back then.
exactly the same problems and the same needs as back then (Photo:@CasaRosada)

Buenos Aires, January 23 (RHC)-- Argentina's President Alberto Fernández and his Brazilian counterpart Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva met on Monday at the headquarters of the Argentinean Presidency, Casa Rosada, and signed several mutual cooperation agreements to strengthen bilateral relations.

Both heads of state held a meeting of approximately one hour, accompanied by the respective foreign ministers, Santiago Cafiero and Mauro Vieira, as well as the Ministers of Economy and Economy, Sergio Massa and Fernando Haddad, respectively.

As a result, Buenos Aires and Brasilia signed a letter of intent for the integration project for production and defense between both countries, as well as a joint declaration of the Ministries of Health, Science, Technology and Innovation and a memorandum of understanding on economic and financial integration; and an agreement on Antarctic cooperation.

In the press conference that followed, the Argentinean president said that he is "sure that as a result of this meeting we are giving rise to a much deeper strategic bond that will last for decades to come."

Fernandez emphasized that "Lula is a leader of the region and a great statesman.  I have seen him 20 years ago initiate a political process in Brazil that lifted millions of Brazilian people out of poverty."

In this sense, the Argentinean president pointed out that "today, when Argentina and Brazil are celebrating 200 years of diplomatic relations, we are starting another stage.  We are still linked by exactly the same problems and the same needs we had back then."

Fernandez pointed out that "from Argentina we will always be by your side and we will not let any delirious person attack Brazil's democracy and institutions."

"Our peoples do not want hatred, they want freedom and they want dialogue.  They want welfare and justice and for that we are going to continue working all this time," he added.

President Fernandez also defended his government's decision to invite all CELAC member countries.  In the same vein, Lula celebrated the presence of Cuba and Venezuela at the summit.

The Brazilian president said that he will work together with the Venezuelan government to reestablish "civilized relations" between two autonomous states.

"The Venezuelan problem will be solved with dialogue, not with a blockade," nor with threats of occupation or personal offenses, Lula said.  He also said that "today is a day of celebration between Brazil and Argentina. First of gratitude, I will never forget the gesture made by comrade Alberto Fernandez when he visited me when I was detained.  I will never forget the solidarity of the Argentinean people."

According to the Brazilian President: "Today I am here to tell the President of Argentina, the ministers and the press that today we will recover a relationship that should never have been interrupted."  "My visit as the first trip made to a foreign country after taking office as president is to tell my friend Alberto Fernandez that we are going to rebuild that relationship of peace and growth to relaunch our relations."

"Our businessmen already understand and must understand better and better the weight that Argentina has for us.  And businessmen must understand what Brazil means for a good relationship between Argentina and Brazil," he pointed out.


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