Poll Shows 70% of Brazil Disapproves of Coup President Michel Temer

Edited by Pavel Jacomino
2016-06-28 18:52:12

Brazilian Interim President Michel Temer

Brasilia, June 28 (RHC)-- Three quarters of Brazilians reject Senate-imposed interim president Michel Temer while suspended President Dilma Rousseff has a lower disapproval rating than before the impeachment, according to an IPSOS poll published Monday.

Temer’s disapproval rating was 61 percent in February, and is now 70 percent nationwide.  Dilma Rousseff went from having an 80 percent disapproval rating during her impeachment to her current rating of 75 percent.

The figures are part of the first research poll on the image and conduct of the interim government, announced by columnist José Roberto de Toledo, at the State of Sao Paulo.

The poll reflects strong opposition to politicians involved in the Petrobras corruption scandal, including members of Temer’s government, but the interim president is also poorly rated on various aspects of his administration.  Polls show he has a 44 percent rating for combating unemployment, 42 percent for resolving the political crisis, 40 percent for fighting inflation and 40 percent for policies around anti-corruption.

In a recent interview with Globo, Temer said the impeachment of Rousseff would lend legitimacy to his government.  The right-wing leader needs two-thirds support in the Senate to dismiss Rousseff, which would set a serious precedent in the country and region as Rousseff, currently suspended, is not under investigation for corruption while Temer and most of his cabinet are under investigation for their role in the biggest corruption scandal in Brazil's history.


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