Trump further limits money remittances to Cuba

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2020-10-24 08:37:41


Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodrigues said on Twitter that the U.S. government insists on harming the Cuban people.

Washington, October 24 (RHC)-- The United States government published a draft of regulations that seek further to limit the sending of money remittances to Cuba.

According to a draft of the new Treasury Department's rules to be published in the Federal Register on October 27, the existing general authorization for remittances in the blockade regulations will exclude any transactions involving entities or sub-entities identified on the controversial Cuba Restricted List.

The list, which is kept and updated by the State Department, includes some 200 Cuban companies, including Fincimex, the Cuban counterpart of Western Union.

The proposed regulations will take effect 30 days after publication in the Federal Register.

When the U.S. government announced the inclusion of Fincimex in the list last June 12, it said that it intended to prevent the Cuban government from controlling the flow of foreign exchange, despite numerous complaints inside and outside the United States that such restrictions harm the people of the island.

Likewise, on September 29, the Trump administration added to the list of restricted entities the company American International Services (AIS), linked to Fincimex, as another way of restricting Cuba's remittances.

Last year, the Trump Administration reduced remittances to Cuba to $1,000 in remittances  per person per quarter.

Reacting to the announcement, the Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodrigues said on Twitter that the U.S. government insists on harming the Cuban people. He added that the measure reaffirms that 'there are no limits for a criminal government in the imposition of policies that limit contacts, communication, and mutual aid between the families of both countries.

For her part, the deputy director of the U.S. general direction of the island's Foreign Ministry, Johana Tablada, also said on that social media network that the discriminatory measure makes Cuban immigrants the only ones in the world who cannot help their families.

After the adoption of such restrictions in the past months, Cubans living in the United States have denounced such attacks on remittances and said that with them, Trump is seeking support in Florida ahead of the November 3 elections.


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