Cubadebate: The new U.S. administration is yet to express "utmost concern" for the terrible effects of the blockade on Cubans

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2021-05-03 10:26:41


Havana, May 3 (RHC)-- Cubadebate says that there are concerns that are embarrassing, especially when the most powerful nation on the planet puts its officials and its embassy to show "extreme concern" for a well-fed citizen while condemning more than 11 million people of the same country to hunger and shortages.

In an article, the digital portal recalled that Julie Chung, acting head of the  Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs at the State Department, tweeted on Saturday that "the United States is extremely concerned about the well-being of Cuban activist @LMOAlcantara and urged the Cuban government to take immediate steps to protect his life and health". 

Washington's diplomatic mission in Havana quickly retweeted this.

Cubadebate noted that the citizen in question, who is paid by the U.S. government with money from the Cuba programs from the National Democratic Institute, is being treated in a public health facility in Havana.

The blood tests carried out on him indicate that "the patient's parameters do not correspond to those of a person showing signs of starvation, indicating that there was nourishment and hydration." His "hunger strike" is pure performance, said the digital portal.

However, Cubadebate noted that more than one hundred days after its inauguration, the new U.S. administration has not expressed "utmost concern" for the terrible effects that the blockade has caused on the Cuban people, even more so in times of pandemic. 

The 242 measures taken by Trump to intensify the criminal policy of siege, suffocation, and aggression against the Cuban people remain in place.

Former U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes recently opined that "The Biden Administration can empower the Cuban people by abandoning Trump's policies that are designed only to hurt them. The Biden Administration will not be able to do that if they live in fear.




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