Cuban Health Workers Return Home after Fighting COVID-19 in Panama and Mexico

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2021-07-16 10:58:03




ACN Photo

Havana, July 16 (RHC)-- Cuban health workers with the International Contingent Henry Reeve, specialized in disasters and severe epidemics, returned home Thursday after assisting the people of Panama and Mexico against COVID-19.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel welcomed the health specialists through a videoconference as they returned.

Jorge Delgado, director of the Central Medical Cooperation Unit, said that they arrive here at a sensitive moment due to the high incidence of COVID-19 cases on the island. He said he was sure they will now join the fight against the pandemic to keep saving lives now in Cuba.

Doctor Ana Mengana, cardiologist, said that when they arrived in Panama in December, the country was reporting nearly 4 thousand COVID-19 cases a day with some 50 deaths while intensive care units were on the verge of collapse, but the situation was reverted later; however a recent increase of new cases has again worsened the situation in the Central American nation, she said.

Nurse Ibrahim Espinosa told ACN that in Panama, like in other nations of the world Cuban medicine met its principles about offering assistance where it is most needed. At the same time, now he is ready to work in his homeland again.

The Cuban specialists who assisted Panama carried out over 53 thousand consultations and saved more than 1.8 thousand lives; they also participated in educative actions about the prevention of the coronavirus disease.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, the Cuban health workers administered 449 major and minor surgeries and other actions by nurses and doctors which deserved the acknowledgment of the Mexican health authorities and the National Government.


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