Cuba´s Human and professional growth in health care was recognized

Edited by Catherin López
2022-12-27 19:25:23


José Ángel Portal Miaranda, Cuba's Minister of Health (Photo:

Havana, Dec 27 (RHC) Cuba's top health authorities on Tuesday recognized 2022 as a year in which accumulated experiences led to greater human and professional growth in services to the population.


At a ceremony held by the Ministry of Public Health on the 64th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution, the head of the sector, José Angel Portal, said that even when the Covid-19 pandemic was controlled, great difficulties had to be faced.


In this regard, he mentioned the shortage of supplies and medicines, the dengue epidemic, the explosion at the Saratoga hotel and the fire at the Super tankers base Matanzas.


Everything was made possible by the commitment and dedication of our doctors, nurses, health technologists, students and workers of the most diverse areas associated with the health sector, which made it possible to achieve the epidemiological stability of the nation, Portal said.


According to the website of the Ministry of Public Health, he also highlighted the resilience, preparation and professionalism of all the workers in the sector, conditions that facilitated progress in other actions that support the care of the population in health institutions.


Among the challenges for the coming 2023, Portal pointed out the need to ensure the effectiveness of the Family Doctor and Nurse Program, promote new actions to take advantage of the availability of resources and know how to take advantage of the lessons learned this year to advance in the improvement of the National Health System. (Fuente: PL)


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