José Martí's legacy is highlighted in Panama

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2023-01-22 11:50:36


Panama City, Jan 22 (RHC) Panamanian historian Jaime Flores highlighted on Sunday the validity of the legacy of Cuba's National Hero, José Martí, in his tireless efforts to fight against inequality and injustice.

In an article published in the newspaper La Estrella de Panamá, on the occasion of the 170th anniversary of Martí’s birth, the lawyer also pointed out that the imprint of the hero is present in the daily life of people in the continent who aspire to better living conditions and full freedom.

For the academic, in the different facets, whether as a poet, essayist, journalist, politician, and diplomat, the actions and thoughts of the author of Versos Sencillos stand out as a torch that ignites passions and drives to take positions against injustices and inequalities, which remain unchanged in the region.

From Marti's work, the university professor highlights publications in the newspaper "Patria Libre", such as the poem "Abdala" (1869), which is key to understanding his pro-independence stances.


He also recalls that in 1891, one of his most forceful writings regarding the pro-independence cause appeared under the title "Nuestra América" (Our America). A year later, on April 10, 1892, he founded the Cuban Revolutionary Party, which would become the bastion of the "Necessary War", which would begin on February 24, 1895, he said.

The writer recalls that Martí, in his long pilgrimage through countries of the region also visited the isthmus where he arrived on June 23, 1893, in transit to Costa Rica, where he was going to meet with General Antonio Maceo, an expatriate in that nation.

According to Flores, the Apostle's principles and tireless struggle served as inspiration half a century later for the 1959 Cuban Revolution, led by its historic leader Fidel Castro and other legendary fighters. (Source: PL)


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