Tribute in Italy to Fidel Castro on the 97th anniversary of his birthday  

Edited by Catherin López
2023-08-13 09:04:21


 Photos: Prensa Latina.

Rome, Aug 13 (RHC) An emotional tribute to the leader of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro took place on a high mountain in the Alps on Saturday, on the 97th anniversary of his birth, during an event organized by the National Association of Italy-Cuba Friendship - ANAIC.

A group of ANAIC members climbed 1,600 meters this Saturday to reach the Fidel Peak, named after the Cuban leader, located on Mount Arpone, in the alpine heights of Colle del Lys.

On the eve of the historic date, which is commemorated every August 13, the attendees placed a wreath, a Cuban flag and a message next to a sculpture in memory of the Commander in Chief of the Cuban Revolution, located at that site since November 25, 2017, on the first anniversary of his death.

The work, by the Caribbean country's artist Yanel Hernandez, was made with hardwood from the caguairan tree, a symbol of Fidel's tenacity and resistance, whose name is inscribed in large letters.

"The National Association of Friendship Italy Cuba and the Circles of the Susa Valley and Giaveno, together with the Circles of Piedmont, remember the 97th birthday of Commander Fidel Castro," the text reads.

In the same, written in Italian and Spanish, the members of that organization also reaffirm the revolutionary and solidarity slogans: Hasta la victoria siempre! and No to the blockade against Cuba! (Source: Prensa Latina).


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