Cuban delegation participates in Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties

Edited by Beatriz Montes de Oca
2023-10-21 10:29:03


Cuban delegation participates in Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties


Havana, Oct 21 (RHC) A delegation headed by Emilio Lozada García, head of the International Relations department of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party of Cuba, participates in the 23rd International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties held in Türkiye.

In his speech at the opening session of the event, Lozada called for the necessary unity of the progressive and leftist forces in the fight for a world of peace and social justice. He criticized the prevailing unfair and unsustainable economic order as it perpetuates conditions of privilege for developed countries and keeps a majority of humanity underdeveloped.

Likewise, he denounced that fascism, xenophobia, hate speech, exclusion, violence and wars are the response of the powerful to alleviate the global and multidimensional crisis caused by capitalist greed.

On behalf of Cuba, he reiterated the rejection of the indiscriminate bombings against the population in Gaza, the destruction of homes, hospitals and civil infrastructure, as well as the deprivation of water, electricity, fuel and food services to the population of that territory, all of which are serious violations of International Humanitarian Law.

In that sense, the Cuban representative asked the participants of the meeting to increase solidarity with Palestine until that people achieves full self-determination.

Lozada denounced the inclusion of Cuba in the list of the so-called Countries that Sponsor Terrorism, which has an intimidating and dissuasive purpose from a banking and financial point of view. He also denounced the intensification of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade, which remains the main obstacle to the island’s development. (Source: ACN)


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