Camaguey, July 8 (RHC) - In Eastern Camaguey province, Puerto Rican Independence leader Nestor Nazario praised the historic bonds of friendship between his nation and Cuba.... More

Washington, July 8 (RHC) – The 25th U.S.-Cuba Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan is expected to reach Cuba this month after touring 65 Canadian and U.S. cities.... More

Artemisa, July 8 (RHC) –- The 44th European Solidarity-with-Cuba Brigade, with activists from 18 nations, was welcomed Monday by members of the Cuban Friendship Institute, ICAP. They will be in Cuba for a two-week stay that includes voluntary work in agriculture and activities that will allow brigade members to have a first-hand look at the island’s reality. ... More

Havana, July 8 (RHC) -– Cuban National Architecture Laureate, Mario Coyula, died from cancer Monday in Havana.... More

Havana, July 7 (RHC)-- "Fidel and the Unknown War" is the title of a new book launched this weekend at the Jose Marti Memorial in Havana on important traits and the intense activity of Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro. ... More

Havana, July 7 (RHC)-- Cuban President Raul Castro affirmed that updating the country’s social and economic model for a prosperous and self-sustainable socialist system keeps advancing, progressively, with no rush but with no pause.... More

Havana, July 5 (RHC) –- The 8th Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power (Cuban Parliament) held Saturday its third ordinary period of sessions at Havana’s Convention Center, with the presence of Cuban President Raul Castro.... More

Paris, July 5 (RHC)-- Cuban Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment Ileana Núñez said in Paris that the fine imposed by Washington against France’s BNP Paribas bank clearly reveals the extraterritorial nature of the U.S. economic blockade against the Caribbean island nation.... More

Havana, July 4 (RHC) -– Cuban President Raul Castro received visiting Argentinean Defense Minister, Agustin Ross, and his delegation on Thursday afternoon.... More

Havana, July 4 (RHC) -– The Communist Party’s Central Committee held its 8th Plenary Session on Thursday, headed by its First Secretary and Cuban President Raul Castro. The meeting analyzed a report on the performance of the Political Bureau in the first half of 2014.... More

Havana, July 4 (RHC) -- The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) denounced the multi-billion dollar fine imposed by the government of the United States against the French bank BNP Paribas, saying it's a blatant violation of states sovereignty and the rules of free trade and international law.... More

Havana, July 4 (RHC) –- The Cuban biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry, known as BioCubaFarma, offers a major opportunity to foreign investment given its scientific research, production and commercialization integrated system.... More

Havana, July 4 (RHC) –- Much of Google remains off limits to Internet users in Cuba, despite a recent visit to Havana by top executives from the Internet giant, according to an article published in the Wednesday edition of Granma newspaper.... More

Havana, July 4 (RHC) –- Lawmakers with the National Defense Commission called for more actions to prevent car accidents on the island, which caused 687 deaths in 2013 alone. ... More

Havana, July 4 (RHC) -– Cuba is currently developing a program aimed at increasing the use of renewable energy sources and decrease imports of fossil fuels, said Energy and Mining minister, Alfredo Lopez.... More