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El Salvador's President Arrives in Cuba on Official Visit

Havana, May 26 (RHC) -- Salvadoran President Salvador Sanchez Ceren arrives in Cuba Tuesday on an official visit, during which he will hold talks with his Cuban counterpart, Raul Castro.... More

Cuba and China Emphasize Confidence

Beijing, May 26 (RHC) -– China and Cuba share a fraternal friendship, tested by difficult times and based on faith and trust, a senior official of the Communist Party of China (CPC) said Tuesday.... More

Iraqi Forces Launch Offensive to Retake Ramadi from ISIL

Baghdad, May 26 (RHC)-- Iraqi forces have launched an offensive to reclaim Anbar province from the self-proclaimed Islamic State. Thousands of Iraqi troops and Shiite militias have been massing around... More

Peruvian Government Removes Roadblocks, Arrests 13 Protesters

Lima, May 26 (teleSUR-RHC)-- Peruvian police removed roadblocks that had been in place for weeks and arrested at least 13 protesters two days after President Ollanta Humala signed a decree imposing a ... More

Sports News Roundup May 26

The main figures of Cuban track and field are enrolled at the Cuba-Barrientos Memorial Cup to be held from today until Thursday, May 28th at the Pan-American Stadium, east of the capital.... More

Sports News Roundup May 25

The two grandsons of US writer Ernest Hemingway, John and Patrick, said in Havana that they are happy with the new stage of relations between Cuba and their country.... More

Art from the Bronx in Cuban Museum

Cuba’s National Fine Arts Museum and the Bronx Arts Museum began a cooperation project with the opening of the exhibition, Ruido salvaje or Wild Noise... More

An Opera at Havana’s Arts Biennial

The opera Cubanacán by renowned Cuban composer, Roberto Valera, and US producer and script writer, Charles Koppelman, was premiered in Havana on May 23rd to pay tribute to the Higher Institute for th... More

Economic Update May 21

The Cuban Small Farmers' Association, founded by Fidel Castro 56 years ago, plays a front-line role in the ongoing update of the country's economy and it is stronger than ever before.... More

Solar Eruptions Can Cause Significant Damage to Unprotected Planets Says Study

Greenbelt, Maryland April 10 (RHC) The natural magnetic bubble surrounding the Earth known as the magnetosphere could be an essential part of what makes our planet habitable, according to new research... More

Cuban Experts Believe that Advanced Cancer Could Become a Chronic Disease

Havana, May 20 (RHC)-- Cuban health experts said in Havana that the new therapies used to fight advanced cancer could turn the disease into a chronic illness.... More

Pre-historic Cubans Practiced Agriculture Earlier than Commonly Assumed

Cuban and Canadian researchers have demonstrated the use of cultivated plants in the Caribbean well before the commonly accepted advancement of agricultural groups in the region at around AD 500, publ... More

Advice over Plans to Visit Cuba for the First Time

Words of advice for our listeners who may be planning a trip to Cuba for the first time. The high seasons for Cuba tourism are from mid-November to mid-March and in July and August. Prices for hotels,... More

Spain Could Face 50 Degree Heatwave by 2050

MADRID, April 8 (Xinhua) -- Spain could face heat waves with temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius by the year 2050, according to a report on the effects of climate change published on Tuesday.... More

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