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American farmers look forward to business with Cuba

Havana, Jan 24, (RHC) -- The opening of relations between the US and Cuba could be very good news for American exporters, among them, farmers. The decades-long US economic blockade has made doing busi... More

Port Canaveral focuses on Cuba for cruises, trade

Miami, FL, Jan 24, (RHC), – In related news, Port Canaveral officials are starting to focus on Cuba as a future market for both cargo and cruise business, FloridaToday reports.... More

Iranian and U.S. Diplomats Hold Fresh Nuclear Talks in Zurich

Zurich, January 24 (RHC)-- In the Swiss city of Zurich, Deputy foreign ministers from Iran and the United States have held a fresh round of talks over Tehran’s nuclear program. During their 2.5-hour... More

German Chancellor Wants Greece to Remain in Eurozone

Rome, January 24 (RHC)-- German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Berlin wants Greece to remain in the eurozone as polls show that anti-bailout opposition party Syriza is likely to sweep to power in this ... More

Sports News Roundup Jan. 23

A few days to represent Cuba in the Caribbean Baseball Series, current Cuban national champion Pinar del Río gave a blow of authority in the Cuban baseball series to complete a slide over leader Mata... More

Sports News Roundup Jan. 22

Alberto Bicet reached 100 wins in the Baseball National Series to lead Industriales by a score of 5-4 over Holguín, consolidating the Havana team in the 3rd seat of the current 54th Cuban Baseball Ch... More

Vestido de novia screened in Cuban movie theaters

The Cuban film Vestido de Novia or Dressed like a Bride is currently being screened in Havana’s most important movie theaters, featuring the story of first Cuban who had a sex reassignment surgery... More

Swan Lake by the Cuban National Ballet Company in February

The Cuban National Ballet Company will stage the famous classic The Swan Lake in February... More

Economic Update January 22

The U.S. Agriculture Coalition for Cuba, USACC, founded a year ago and grouping 25 agricultural organizations, recently held a press conference in Washington D.C. to explain the importance of lifting ... More

Research Reveals Mechanism that Increases Photosynthesis Efficiency in Fluctuating Light

Stanford, CA, November 13 (RHC) A team of scientists have discovered a protein called KEA3 which is crucial for immediate adjustment of photosynthetic efficiency in fluctuating light conditions and ma... More

Cuban Medical Success Saving Lives Sparks Pride

A Cuban physician, doctor Reynol Juara, regards as a true “miracle” the survival of his newborn son who almost died during childbirth. Juara described as excellent the attention given to the young... More

Cuban Sugar Mill Workers Urged to Achieve Success Again

Las Tunas, September 24 (RHC)-- Cuba's Communist Party Politburo member Salvador Valdés Mesa urged workers at Antonio Guiteras sugar mill to work hard and achieve success.... More

Advice over Plans to Visit Cuba for the First Time

Words of advice for our listeners who may be planning a trip to Cuba for the first time. The high seasons for Cuba tourism are from mid-November to mid-March and in July and August. Prices for hotels,... More

Climate Change: Less Rainfall Means Hotter and Drier Caribbean

Kingston, November 14 (RHC-NNN) -- A Jamaican researcher has warned that the Caribbean will have to take steps to respond to climate change, as predictions are that the region will become increasingly... More

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