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Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva Calls on United Nations to Denounce Illegal Graft Investigation

Lawyers representing former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva turned to the United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva to denounce “illegal a... More

U.S. Air Raids Leave 15 Civilians Dead in Northern Syria

More than a dozen civilians have lost their lives and many more sustained injuries when fighter jets from the U.S.-led military coalition launched airstrikes ag... More

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Vows to Continue Accepting War Refugees

German Chancellor Angela Merkel cut short her holiday on Thursday to return to Berlin to take on criticism over her government's relaxed border policies in the ... More

Foreign Debt and Development

Since December, when Cuba and its creditors of the Paris Club reached an agreement on the regularization of the Island’s debt, Havana authorities conducted se... More0

Havana: Seventh Wonder City of the World

The many tourists from all continents that visited Havana over the weekend could witness --and enjoy-- from a popular conga against homophobia up to the weather... More0

The Marvelous Science of Carlos J. Finlay

A scientific high-point, is the discovery in 1881 by Dr. Carlos J. Finlay Barres (1833-1915) of the metaxenic contagion theory of disease, a finding that was de... More1

Program The Real Story April 7

Gerwin Jones here, and welcome to The Real Story, with Lena Valverde and Juan Jacomino. Neoliberal parties, the corporate media, a conservative judiciary, oil l... More0

I Wish To Leave The World - Poem by Jose Marti

I wish to leave the world By its natural door; In my tomb of green leaves... More0

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