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Latin American Agrarian Workers Congress demands end of US blockade of Cuba

Buenos Aires, April 18, (RHC), – The Sixth Latin American Congress of Agrarian Workers Organizations in Buenos Aires demanded an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the... More

Cuba ready for Sunday mid-term elections

Havana, April 18, (RHC), – Over eight million Cubans are expected to participate on Sunday's mid-term elections for delegates to the municipal Assemblies of People's Power.... More

Fourteen Soldiers Killed, 24 Wounded in Libya Clashes

Tripoli, April 18 (RHC)-- At least 14 soldiers have lost their lives and another 24 have been wounded during the Libyan National Army’s assaults on a camp occupied by the Islamist Fajr Libya (Libya ... More

Colombian president urges FARC rebels to set deadline for peace process

BOGOTA, April 18, (RHC-XINHUA) -- Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Friday urged the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas to "set a deadline" for the peace proces... More

Sports News Roundup April 17

In front of a large crowd at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Copper Box Arena, Cuba Domadores defeated British Lionhearts 5-0 on Thursday and achieved their 13th consecutive victory in Season ... More

Sports News Roundup April 16

Cuban baseball players Alexei Bell, Ismel Jiménez, Yordan Manduley and Yunieski Gurriel signed contracts today with the Capitals Québec of the Canadian Pro Independent League, where they will play n... More

María Elena Llorente: National Dance Award Winner for 2015

The 2015 National Dance Award has been granted to renowned former Cuban National Ballet Company premier dancer, María Elena Llorente... More

Ice rink set to be installed in Havana during Art Biennial

New York artist, Duke Riley, is scheduled to “install” an ice skating rink at Havana’s Seaside Drive during Havana’s 22nd Art Biennial set to kick off on May 24th... More

Economic Update April 16

Cuba has called for a new economic, financial and monetary order, where the interests and needs of the countries to the south and the majorities are included as priorities.... More

Solar Eruptions Can Cause Significant Damage to Unprotected Planets Says Study

Greenbelt, Maryland April 10 (RHC) The natural magnetic bubble surrounding the Earth known as the magnetosphere could be an essential part of what makes our planet habitable, according to new research... More

Building a Global Emergency Workforce

Geneva, April 8 (RHC)-- WHO's new registration system will enable it to build a global roster of foreign medical response teams ready to deploy for emergencies, says the World Health Organization.... More

Pre-historic Cubans Practiced Agriculture Earlier than Commonly Assumed

Cuban and Canadian researchers have demonstrated the use of cultivated plants in the Caribbean well before the commonly accepted advancement of agricultural groups in the region at around AD 500, publ... More

Advice over Plans to Visit Cuba for the First Time

Words of advice for our listeners who may be planning a trip to Cuba for the first time. The high seasons for Cuba tourism are from mid-November to mid-March and in July and August. Prices for hotels,... More

Spain Could Face 50 Degree Heatwave by 2050

MADRID, April 8 (Xinhua) -- Spain could face heat waves with temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius by the year 2050, according to a report on the effects of climate change published on Tuesday.... More

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