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Cuba Pays Tribute to Hugo Chavez

Havana, March 5 (RHC) -- Today marks two years since the passing of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and several tributes and memorial events are being held across the island to pay tribute to ... More

Cuba and European Union Negotiate Political and Cooperation Accord

Havana, March 5 (RHC) -– Cuba and the European Union have been negotiating a bilateral political and cooperation accord during talks Wednesday and Thursday at the headquarters of the Cuban Foreign M... More

Commemorations Around the World Remember Hugo Chavez

Caracas, March 5 (teleSUR-RHC)-- Commemorations are being held around the world to pay tribute to former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on the second anniversary of his death. Rallies are being held... More

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Censures Israeli "Gangster Regime" Over Tax Move

Ramallah, March 5 (RHC)-- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has denounced a decision by the Israeli "gangster" regime to withhold Palestinian tax revenues, worth more than $100 million a m... More

Sports News Roundup March 05

The Cuban U-17 soccer team faces Jamaica today in the 3rd round of the CONCACAF world qualifying cap, based in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.... More

Sports News Roundup March 04

Without defining the 4 semifinalists and with the current champion a far cry in 6th place, the 54th Cuban Baseball Championship takes a break on Wednesday with just 12 games to close the present stage... More

Drum Festival dedicated to Chuck Silverman

The 14th Guillermo Barreto in Memoriam Drum Festival kicked off in Havana with a night to dream and visit different musical genre... More

Documentary on Arturo Montoto in Fine Arts Museum in late march

A documentary dedicated to renowned Cuban painter, drawer, sculptor and engraver, Arturo Montoto, will be screened on March 24th at Havana’s Fine Arts Museum... More

Ecomomic Update February 26

A ruling this week by the US Supreme Court favored Cuba in litigation underway for several years against an American company, which was illegally marketing Dominican cigars under the Cohiba Cuban bran... More

The Marvelous Science of Carlos J. Finlay

A scientific high-point, is the discovery in 1881 by Dr. Carlos J. Finlay Barres (1833-1915) of the metaxenic contagion theory of disease, a finding that was decades ahead of the scientific thinking o... More

Cuban Medical Success Saving Lives Sparks Pride

A Cuban physician, doctor Reynol Juara, regards as a true “miracle” the survival of his newborn son who almost died during childbirth. Juara described as excellent the attention given to the young... More

Cuban Sugar Mill Workers Urged to Achieve Success Again

Las Tunas, September 24 (RHC)-- Cuba's Communist Party Politburo member Salvador Valdés Mesa urged workers at Antonio Guiteras sugar mill to work hard and achieve success.... More

Advice over Plans to Visit Cuba for the First Time

Words of advice for our listeners who may be planning a trip to Cuba for the first time. The high seasons for Cuba tourism are from mid-November to mid-March and in July and August. Prices for hotels,... More

Climate Change: Less Rainfall Means Hotter and Drier Caribbean

Kingston, November 14 (RHC-NNN) -- A Jamaican researcher has warned that the Caribbean will have to take steps to respond to climate change, as predictions are that the region will become increasingly... More

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