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U.S. Lawmakers Conspire Against Venezuelan Independence

The United States Government and several members of the US Congress may be accused of openly supporting the activities of armed rightwing murder groups that in some communities of oil-rich Venezuela are spreading disorder and death in an attempt to topple the legitimate Administration of President Nicolas Maduro.

Oil-rich is the key word. Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world. No other nation has so much of the so-called black gold in its own backyard.

Before the Venezuelan people toppled a brutal dictatorship supported by the United States, Venezuelan oil was in the hands of US companies, which left the Venezuelan people with waste products and empty wells.

But Venezuela was able, under the leadership of President Hugo Chavez, to regain its freedom and with it the full control of its oil and natural resources.

Oil funds allowed the Venezuelan Government to launch huge social programs, including free and universal education, health, housing, and employment.

Not only the lives of tens of millions of Venezuelans been dramatically improved, but the Caracas government, in a noble gesture, is funding specialized medical assistance to other nations in need.

Such is the gist of the Milagro Mission, which, funded by Venezuela and executed by specialized Cuban doctors, has returned eyesight to several hundreds of thousands of blind and/or visually impaired patients in many of the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Naturally, this smelled like "communism" in Washington, which immediately began to work towards the overthrow of the legitimate Venezuelan authorities. Armed with automatic weapons terror groups have been deployed after dark in upper middle class neighbourhoods.

Here they fire heavy caliber weapons, set cars on fire, disrupt traffic of vehicles and people with roadblocks.

Although the disorder is confined to areas of just seven of Venezuela's 340+plus municipalities, the Western press presents the situation as that of national chaos, no doubt paving the way for foreign military intervention.

The constant anti-Venezuelan statements by US Secretary of States John Kerry are evidence that Washington is not ready to allow the continuation of a free democratic Government in that South American country.

Acting on cue, both houses of the US Congress will vote on projects calling for economic sanctions against the Venezuelan Government.
Even more serious is the proposal to extend a $15 million grant to the so called victims of alleged Government violence in Venezuela, funds that will allow them to continue terror strikes against the democratically elected Venezuelan authorities.

In a show of patience, the Venezuelan Government has repeatedly called on protesters to meet in a national discussion to present their grievances.

But the terrorists have lent a deaf ear to those calls and continue spreading chaos and destruction .

And It is not surprising that the Venezuelan terror groups enjoy the full support of anti-Cuban mafias located in South Florida.

These include legislators Marco Rubio, Bob Menendez and Ileana Ros Lehtinen.

For these people, democracy means US rule and profits: that is, the exploitation of the sugar cane industry, mining, tourism and other national resources in Cuba, and of the oil industry in Venezuela. That is their supreme law: the plundering of the national resources of other peoples.

Any other formula is "communism" and must be crushed.

Supporting the anti-Venezuelan push is Luis Posada Carriles, the man that bombed out of the sky a Cuban airlines Bristol Brittania with 76 persons aboard in Barbados.

Needless to say this open intervention in the internal affairs of Venezuela has no future.

The Venezuelan people are ready to lower the boom on terror and its promoters.

Edited by Juan Leandro
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