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New details revealed about Operation Condor

The declassification by U.S intelligence agencies of a large amount of documents on the Argentinean military dictatorship has given us the opportunity to learn about a huge number of sinister U.S. clandestine operations known as Operación Condor -- a multinational subversive plot responsible for the abduction, disappearance and murder of tens of thousands of men and women during the second half of last century.

The documents cover some 49,000 files and has shown that Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, was the headquarters for this sinister U.S.-led operation. with the participation of the dictatorships then ruling Chile, Brasil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Bolivia.

Representatives of the military dictatorships ruling those South American nations met in Buenos Aires, under the sponsorship of the CIA, to discuss and select appropriate human targets and decide on the modus operandi of each execution.

The documents obtained by Argentinean courts show that the executioners received salaries of 3,500 dollars for ten days of labor, plus $1,000 additional for clothing.

When a task force was needed to operate in any country other than the original list, the U.S. official in charge of the sinister multinational executioner group selected a task force of five members, according to their quote capacity and experience unquote.

This was the manner in which the fate of hundreds, or perhaps hundreds of thousands of residents in South America was decided.  Many of the victims were not active members of leftist political parties, but were just opponents of the military regimes.

Forced disappearances are actions of extreme cruelty because it prolongs for years and years the sufferings, fears and uncertainty of the extended family of the victim.  History has recorded cases even more perverse because criminals abducted pregnant women and then waited until they gave birth to kill them, their babies given in adoption to foster parents ignorant of the plot.

Hundreds of thousands of Latin American patriots have been the victims of abductions and murders.  Thousands of children lost their relatives and do not even know of their existance.

One day, the whole truth will emerge and the people of the world -- the families who were the victims of those crimes, the children who do not even know their own relatives -- will learn the whole truth about Operation Condor.  


Edited by Ed Newman
David Wade say:

The ugly, disgusting truth of the US military machine that US taxpayers are forced to fund at a level of $800 billion per year. No wonder Americans are hated throughout the world.

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