The promotion of Cuba's development on a scientific basis

Since 2011, Cuba has carried out gradual transformations in the state system

Since 2011, Cuba has carried out gradual transformations in the state system, so as to enhance and improve  the work performed by these entities, which are key players in the economic development of the country.

Therefore, a decree that supports High Technology Enterprises was approved in February 2020, ratifying the state's will to continue promoting the nation’s development on a scientific basis that will eventually raise the quality of life of the population.

These companies will receive fiscal and tax incentives and will be required to devote resources to research, development and innovation, as well as to introduce innovative products or technological improvements into the market, geared to reduce costs and increase productivity.

A highly qualified staff and a number of college graduates exceeding a 25% is another condition to be met.

This year began with the good news that the aforementioned category was awarded to the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology and the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry Company, two renowned institutions due to the quality and effectiveness of their products.  These centers are internationally recognized and are the first to receive this status.

Despite common belief, this certification not only gives credit to enterprises that develop and operate with the most advanced technologies such as biotechnology, computer science and robotics, but also there are companies from other fields that can apply for this category.

In this regard, the Minister of Science, Technology and Environment, Elba Rosa Pérez Montoya, said that there are institutions in other sectors such as industry and agriculture that can also be classified as High Technology Companies.

The goal of the government is to assist and encourage these organizations that can contribute much to the creation of new products and services that will benefit the population.

The effort made by the historical leader of the revolution, Fidel Castro that implied to turn Cuba into a country of science, has allowed the creation of a high-quality scientific base, reliable enough to established companies that can contribute considerably to the construction of a more prosperous and sustainable society.

Edited by Ed Newman


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