Sweden's Left Party - Lessons from Ecuador

Quito, July 04 (teleSUR-RHC) Sweden’s Left Party is learning all it can from Ecuador’s current administration, according to party leader Jonas Sjöstedt.

In fact, Sjöstedt and a small delegation has been visiting left governments, throughout Latin America, with the objective of attaining the winning formula of the successful left agendas across the continent.

The hope is to take all he can learn back to Sweden, where capitalist policies are pervasive and prevalent. “We used to have one of the most equal societies in the world. And, we were proud of that. One that, regardless of what school you went to, you had the same chance. It is no longer so.”
Sjöstedt expressed his hopes to learn from Ecuador’s ruling government. He also shared his thoughts on the current opposition protests, which are dominating the headlines. “It's natural in a democracy that you have protests. It's a sign of strength that you allow everyone to say what they want, to form a political party and to stand in elections. The Ecuador people have elected Correa, again and again. That's proof enough I think.”

In an interview with teleSUR, Sjöstedt spoke on topics, such as Greece’s debt deal, as well as the country’s debate on joining the NATO military alliance.

Edited by Ivan Martínez


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