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Revolution Leader Fidel Castro Thanks Friends for the Gestures of Affection and Solidarity

Havana, August 13 (RHC)-- Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro has expressed his profound gratitude to friends all over the world for the countless gestures of affection and solidarity over the past several days on occasion of his 90th birthday.

In an editorial in Saturday's edition of the newspaper Granma, Fidel says the congratulatory messages received from around the world serve him as inspiration to continue ahead.

Entitled 'El cumpleaños' (My Birthday) the Granma editorial compiles important moments of Fidel's childhood, his family relations and the country's economic and social situation at the time –what drove him to become a revolutionary.

Fidel speaks about the importance that the younger generations learn about the country's history. In that sense, he stresses that poor education can have devastating effects on the younger generations.

Upon noting that the world population grew from one billion in the late 19th century to seven billion at the beginning of 2016, Fidel refers to the threats to our species' survival on the planet and stresses the need for peace. 'No nation, regardless of its power, should abrogate the right to kill millions of people anywhere in the world.'


Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi
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