Russian Foreign Minister Says Moscow-Havana Strategic Partnership Unshakable

Moscow, December 26 (RHC-PL) -- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with Kommersant daily that his country's strategic partnership with Cuba is “unshakable,” when referring to the recent announcement of actions for normalizing Havana-Washington relations.

The Russian foreign minister said that reality was seen in the visit of President Vladimir Putin to Cuba last July, and the recently concluded meeting of the Inter-governmental Commission for Economic and Trade Cooperation.

Cubans and Russians never forget those who have been by their side when it comes down to it, and they will not put a vital interest at risk, which is strengthening the strategic association, stressed Lavrov.

When answering a question about the interests of Russian business people, Lavrov denied that the beginning of a dialogue towards the normalization of relations with the U.S. means that Cuba will go in other direction in relation to Moscow.

If other nations seek friendship with Cuba, both Cuba and Russia are always open to it, Lavrov told the country's major newspaper.

The foreign minister added that Russia will never be friend of any nation at the expense of third countries. And Lavrov added: "I have no doubt that Cubans will keep their position. It is an honorable and reliable position.”


Edited by Ivan Martínez


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